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  1. not at all, I've got a Dell for around $1700 when it was on sale in April with i9-10900k and even a low-end Quadro card with allows for some offloading.
  2. thanks @DarqueKnight My problem was actually not reading the graph but interpreting it correctly. How would I know that a line which consist of constant "spuriae" can be interpreted in a best case way ;-) Are the spuriae measurement artifacts? Or is there a more serious problem around 10Hz where the performance has an issue due to power supply, vibrations or other problems...
  3. I have problems reading these plots to me it looks -119.5dB at 1 and -132dB at 10....how to read/see -143?
  4. ok @Gurkel you are a hard nut lol...very Swiss...haha Yeah, everybody here understands IP packages, believe me. Nobody says that they are altered by a switch or anything. BUT at some point, yeah in the DAC, this analog signal of logical ones and zeroes get translated into an analog voltage signal. And the analog signal of ones and zeroes might carry noise. Yes, NOISE!! Its all sine waves dude...even in a USB transmission. At that point of singal conversion, there is LOTS going on which nobody understand in detail but respected experts HEAR. You can dismiss it, but an ef
  5. If your server doesnt, your DAC will. Dude, you only scratched the surface. Read on, people get obsessed with clocks and phase noise (frequency domain) or Jitter (time domain). You see Nenon soldering better clocks on this motherboard.... It is SO much more than brute power and nobody knows. But in the end, its your system, you can grind it and eat it :-D
  6. As I understand and learned here, all(?) DAC upsample internally. I read that Chord Dave, a 10k DAC, uses less power if fed upsampled data. So as I understand, there is consnsus here for the reason that a powerful CPU can upsample much better than a feeble DAC. Better filers, noise shapers, more Taps, what have you
  7. Some people also in other threads would disagree. Phase noise can have an influence. Read stuff in EtherRegen threads and especially what John, the developer wrote in a white paper. Nobody really knows is it all here....in my very humble opinion, very few but very very smart AND educated professionals here (who obviously disagree ;-)) and then the vast majority of followers (guilty as charged) with their own more or less valid opinions ...haha.....(not saying the followers are not smart just MUCH more biased.....the curse of audiophiles....
  8. Welcome Swiss compatriot....however, deserter here, living in NewMexico...;-) NO settled science, while this thread argues for high power, another very prominent member, Miska, the author of HQPlayer, afaik argues for separating server and "head" which is a as low power machine as possible, while doing the heavy lifting and up-sampling on a powerful and potentially noisy machine. Search for HQP and you get another view. I did not say the right, just another view with many legit arguments. But then again, the author of this thread, Nenon, has a highpower machine and does NOT do real
  9. Dude, he never said that. He said square is the best IF the implementation is right which is hard and expensive. He said sine is easier to implement for a good value solution where cost is an objective.
  10. Haha, embarrassing ;-) yeah, my orthography, even in my mother tongue of German is that of an 8 year old ;-) Or that Ale trusts some ears more than others. The key for ANY good developer is having a set of way above average ears and b) he knows who's other ears to trust if any (and who's not). Also, different people have different priorities aka taste with music systems. How comes that some people spend big bucks on Wilson e.al. and I would not put them up if given for free. The audio world very much proves the point "Dont follow the masses,
  11. @[email protected] I enjoyed this thread tremendously and learned a lot. I really appreciate the transparency. Thank you!! And? In the end? Like always. Trust the vendor and dont fiddle with the product ;-)....if you buy from a good vendor, he did already the utmost to produce good value. If easy enhancements would be possible, they would come out of the box. eR is 90%+ outofthebox and extreme good value as much as I can read here. Why doubling the cost for less than 10% gain. Or let me say it the other way, I crawl now out of this rabbit hole and en
  12. I have no stake so far as I dont own anything Uptone (at this point, but likely will buy something soon) I think it is a very fine line for Alex here and to live a good partnership with his dealers. This is a sponsored forum and Alex is VERY forthcoming and transparent. So -as I can read (dont want to be offensive haha) - I cant see anything wrong what he said or did not. But its your money. The wonderful part of our market capitalism is that you can take your money somewhere else ;-)
  13. I think the value was -130dB at 10Hz I just wonder more generic. If lets say the eR improves sound by +1 (whatever that is), how much improvements do peripherals do? - Clock? +0.2? - good LPS, +0.25? - cables and others, +0.1? I get the diminishing returns, but if a decent clock (AfterDark Prince) with its own LPS would only add 20% of SQ but 100% in price, its likely not worth it.... Any thoughts?
  14. Hello I have an edgerouter ER-X SFP, but there is no thread discussion either Edgerouters or Edgeswitches. Why? Cheers Tom
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