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    For heaven's sake it was the very first option in preferences... thank you so very much. I am auditioning software because I may have to move away from Audirvana due to their wickedly unpopular new subscription model. I am hoping that this software, as long as I find an Android player (remote) to go with it, will sound just as good as playing my music files through Audirvana. So far and after only a couple of hours playing with it I find it incredible compared to its competition and so quick as well... and the plus side is this developer is on the ball as far as updating his softwa
  2. mesonto


    Anyone know how to add another directory of music to it after you have the first ones set? Does anyone think this sounds better than Audirvana?
  3. Someone please take this seriously. I am thinking of spending a few thousand to recreate my present Audirvana music streamer which as of now resides on a stripped down version of Win10 (only runs a few services and Audirvana), in a fanless case with an external audio grade power supply. Saying this... If I was to build another newer Windows PC to serve as my new FLAC and DSF server based on an ITX motherboard, and I output my files directly to my DAC which has a jitter reducer/master clock/etc., inside of it already, why would I need this special USB card as part of my
  4. "I must also note that the BDA-3.14 is very quiet." -- All of Bryston's gear is this way. Dead silence from everyone of their components. It seems that this is rarely mentioned, but they have outstandingly "dead quiet" components.
  5. Used to use MP3Tag, but switched over to "Tagscanner", and found it just a far, far better tool. Of course switched to Windows as well to use it and other programs for my audio/video library needs. (there are just so many more programs to be had) If anyone is interested and on the PC, (there may be a MAC version, I don't know) but it is well worth checking out. You won't go back to MP3Tag as it is too limiting. But as they say "to each their own".
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