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  1. I recently auditioned an APL DSD-SR MK2 with the help of Joel Alperson, APL’s U.S. distributor ([email protected]). I’ve had and heard quite a few DACs over the years but nothing like the DSD-SR MK2. WOW! I certainly can’t improve upon Chris’ review, but I can say I enthusiastically agree with his findings. The DSD-SR MK2 is superb. Of course, I wish I could test a half dozen or more high-end DACs side-by-side in my system to see which ones give me the biggest goose bumps, but I’m confident I’d be hard pressed to find any that hit the spot like the APL. I did manage a direct comparison to my Meitner and a friend’s Mytek; there was a big difference in the goose bump factor. Needless to say, the DSD-SR MK2 is now the center of my digital universe — the most undigital digital I’ve ever heard. Well done APL!
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