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  1. Is the FCBG110SD1CA5 Active Optical Cable (AOC) as good as the FTLX1475D3BTL? What is the difference?
  2. What makes FTLX1475D3BTL the best SFP module? I have read in another thread that the FTLF1321 has the lowest jitter measurement of any Finisar module. Much lower than the 3018 or 3024 but I do not know how it would compare to the 1475.
  3. I saw this yesterday. What makes it the best? Will you guys buy it off of me if I don't like it? I am afraid to invest $120...
  4. I already went through many of these threads and bought a highly recommended Finisar module. I still really like my ER's without fiber and no OM, and I refuse to start testing all these modules. Just to expensive and time consuming. If to my ears fiber cannot beat copper with any Finisar module, than I am not going down this road. Again, I know almost everyone out there prefers fiber over copper, but if my ears are not convinced of this in the next week, I will have to go with my ears. I would not have even given my OM so many chances if it were not for the overwhelming support
  5. I already have another highly recommended Finisar module. I am skeptical to keep investing in these modules... My thinking is that the differences will be subtle rather than significant. Please correct me if this is inaccurate. I have not experimented with other modules...
  6. I connected my two ER's by fiber to compare to copper several hours ago. I must admit, it is smoother in a similar way to when I use the OM, but tonally it is darker than when using fiber from the OM. The smoothness that fiber brings to the table- whether by OM or by connecting two ER's together is something I am not sure about and need time to adjust. If find that straight copper without OM is digging out more microdetail; that's my initial impression. I could understand that someone may say that copper is more harsh or clinical relative to the smoother presentation
  7. I did not eve think try fiber between the ER's. I will hopefully try that today....
  8. I received my second ER a few days ago. Definite improvement. What is interesting is that currently I prefer the OM out of the picture with two ER's in. I find overall that I do not like the OM effect on tone even with one ER. Things are brighter than without the OM. I wonder if those SFP modules effect the tone and if there are SFP modules which are mellower? Any advice would be appreciated...
  9. Sorry about the off topic discussion..... You are really correct. Speaking for myself only, you can erase, move or delete my posts. I gain nothing from them remaining here long term...
  10. Due to some of the negative reviews of the DX I have done some comparisons over the last few hours with the DX in my system and with it out. I switched back and forth multiple times. My goal was to try to hear from the perspective of those who do NOT like the DX effects. So I tried to program my mind to put on a fresh hat when I listened. I believe I succeeded in my goal. I can now understand both perspectives. The DX in the system sounds to my ears more "stripped" or "sterile" perhaps. I could definitely hear listeners say that it kind of lacks "life". With out
  11. Hard to believe. Many who claim positive improvement here have excellent power supplies and cables. Perhaps some networks just have more noise in them than others? Or perhaps our perceptions if improved sound vs. degraded sound are all different.
  12. Actually, I think around 70% of participants are voting for improvement...... Definitely the best tweak I ever bought....
  13. AMAZING. Absolutely AMAZING. 50% say the DX is a anywhere from somewhat beneficial to magical. 50% say it damages either a little to a lot.. AMAZING!!!!! I vote for "serious improvement"....
  14. I have five Teddy Pardo PS's in my stereo system powering my fanless pc, sotm tx-usb ultra, etherregen, etc... They are incredible..... Every time I get a PS from Teddy Pardo- it makes a HUGE impact IMMEDIATELY- with NO warmup. The transparency of my system is unbelievable. Burn-in helps another 10%-15% but it is amazing how good it is immediately. This PS is a MIRACLE. Also, you don't have to wait three or six months to have it built. One week and it is at my door. These power supplies are small,
  15. After around two weeks burn-in my first DX and now my second pair between my NAS and side A of ER burning in for two days, I must say that I am more confident than ever that my initial reaction was NOT overstated. The change is indeed "appreciable" and in fact, after burn-in, even more appreciable than I originally thought. In terms of value for the money, this tweak grades WORLD CLASS- period............. I am considering two pairs of DX's on my main router to OM connection but "one and a half" recommended against this option.
  16. I have two pairs of the DX-ISO. World Class tweak ---cost/benefit ratio is incredible IMHO. This product yields EXCELLENT results. The effect is superb with noticeable increase in clarity, transparency, detail, etc... "SERIOUS VEIL LIFTING" would be my three word summary.
  17. Just connected two new DX's between NAS and Side A of ER. Result:- improvement, but not nearly as much as between Router and OM... I cannot wait to get my second ER any day. I really don't know how things can improve by much anymore. My system is so freaking transparent; stripped of any possible coloration which is not already built into the components themselves. I am a happy man.
  18. The fact that the DX harms your sound is a pretty clear sign that your have things so right in your system, that upward movement is almost impossible. I am in awe... I wish my system was so so good that the DX would harm the sound. The fact that it helps, and by a nice amount shows how much noise is still in my system. Thanks to you and everyone for sharing your findings. I just entered streaming audio in the last six months and I have learned so much from all of you...
  19. No one can force anyone to like or dislike a sound that one's ears like or dislike. All of this is experimentation. What one person calls "full sounding" another says is "veiled". What one person calls "analogue", another person calls "colored". Over the last few years my goal has been to go in the direction of complete "nakedness". I decided for some reason that this is what my ears and heart want. The DX makes things more "naked" so it supports my objective. I totally respect those who have a different objective or who feel that some components
  20. I agree with this. One could interpret the DX as making the sound "sterile"- but one needs to give time for the ears to adjust. It is the result of noise removal IMHO. Yes, removing noise often sounds somewhat "sterile" or "flat" at first because we are used to what noise sounds like. I remember when I got my OXCO, I had a very similar reaction. "Wow- this is clean". but it is "sterile". Well, I got used to it. Now I cannot go back. Once I told a fellow that I buy cold cuts without preservatives and he told me "I love the taste of preservatives". Why would
  21. I cannot believe I missed this- but I am kind of absent minded. I just looked at the back of my router and it has an optical output. Now, for those with experience, do I ditch my OM and just do direct from the router or because the OM has a linear PS, perhaps it is better to continue with router (with cheap wall wart PS) to OM by way of RJ45 and then OM to ER by optical? Ironically, with all the buzz
  22. Agreed- it is common sense- but when I get my second ER- I plan to try it anyway just to make sure.... If we all agreed with everything Uptone said, none of us would ever get upgraded power supplies or chain two ER's or perhaps none of us would have bought the DX as it was supposed to have very little value. Gotta go with my ears..
  23. I have two more DX's arriving any day. I am planning to place them between my NAS and side A of the ER as I have my first pair- like you between router and OM. But my second ER should be arriving soon and I am curious to try the DX between the two ER's as well. I am not technically minded AT ALL but perhaps someone can explain to me why the DX on side B is not recommended. Why does it matter if it removes the noise before or after the ER does it's work??? I thought it is removing a different type of noise than the ER anyway.
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