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  1. This experiment is very impressive. I thank the experimenter. It is a technical test to as accurately as possible determine if bit-perfect sound is streaming in many various conditions- and the tester did a great job. I would like to recommend a somewhat similar but yet very different test. If all the above tests in different formats were redone playing the same music from the same albums- and nobody looked at the bit-perfect light on the dac, but instead a blind listening test was done where the one who controlled the variables was not the one who listened, and the
  2. My question to myself (which I am sharing with everyone else) is can I tell the difference between Amazon lossless (non bit perfect) FLAC and AIFF CD's which I ripped to my NAS and play through Audrivana in WASAPI exclusive mode which must be bit perfect? To make the comparison to my ears equal- I did not play amazon FLAC direct from my network but rather downloaded the FLAC files to my NAS which has a linear power supply. Ripped CD's are also played from my NAS. Now I have an extremely revealing system with a Mutec Ref 10 se-120 clock attached to my DDC, DAC, SOTM usb
  3. To tell you the truth, I would never even consider Apple, Amazon, or Spotify over Qobuz if it were not for one problem. I listen to modern genres and Qobuz has less than half of the music I want to listen to. So for me- the opposite is true. Even if the big three don't get bit perfect correct and don't understand audiophiles, I need to hear the music I like or it is worth nothing to me. I find that hardware improvements like USB regenerators, OXCO clocks, my etherregen, ultra low noise power supplies and others along with software enhancements like "audiop
  4. OK- that's fair. So they will loose half their customers to the big three if they get bit perfect right. If the big three bring in Roon, Audrivana, ect, then thy get all of their customers.
  5. By the way- If I were a marketing consultant to the big three I would tell them- do you guys want to double your subscribers overnight? Just add bit perfect exclusive mode and all of Tidal and Qobuz subscribers are yours within days. For this reason alone the big three should get this bit perfect thing right. It is worth a fortune to them.
  6. If the big three do lossless as bit perfect, Tidal and Qobuz MUST cut their price to $10 a month or they are gone.
  7. Not sure it means information was lost. Perhaps- modified. Perhaps not delivered by my network in the same way.
  8. By the way, my next prediction is that Tidal and Qobuz will be out of business within a few short years, especially if the big three do lossless correctly.
  9. Thanks. I appreciate these clarifications because I want to participate in these forums using the proper definitions... As I said earlier, I guess that Spotify, apple, amazon lossless free market realities will force one or more of these services to get their bit perfect, exclusive mode acts together soon. I hope within a year- but just guessing...
  10. By the way, I want Amazon and apple to all be bit perfect. I want them all to have true exclusive mode. I want them all to share their API with Audrivana. I just don't believe that because amazon and apple are not bit perfect that their lossless music is still not better than lossy music. My ears tell me it is better.
  11. Excellent question that I have no idea how to answer. However at least, based on this last comment it seems that you agree that in theory, lossless and bit perfect are not the same thing. A file can be lossless, but modified by the mixer and therefore not bit perfect. FLAC files are not supposed to have any information missing. I assume amazon is not lying that their FLAC files are FLAC files.
  12. I accept that that is your definition of lossless. But my definition- perhaps not the accepted definition is that information has not been removed from the file as it is with MP3 and AAC. Bit perfect is another issue. I would like amazon to be bit perfect, and perhaps it is not; but no information has been removed from the file, rather it is modified by the mixer and not bit perfect. Look, anyone with apple music and amazon music who plays a AAC 256 file on apple and the same file on Amazon in FLAC- even without exclusive mode will hear that the FLAC is better- as it is not cutt
  13. I am aware than amazon exclusive does not change sample rate- but whatever it does- it sounds better than when not activated. I do not understand what people mean when they say one is not getting lossless just because the mixer is not changing the sample rate automatically. Yes, perhaps he music is not bit perfect, but the file is not missing information as lossy music (MP3, AAC etc.) is. To me that it Lossless; non-bit perfect lossless, perhaps modified lossless, but lossless. All the information is there- and that is lossless.
  14. I have no idea how to get lossless music in web player
  15. In the last few days, I decided to to something I have NOT done since I got my first ER. I disconnected both ER's and directly connected my ethernet cable from my router to my fanless PC. Why? I was double checking. Are we all dreaming? Is the ER a hoax;- snake oil that does nothing and we are all a bunch of fools? I wanted to recheck and so I compared music with and without my two ER's. (both ER's have a good PSU and superb OXCO). Conclusion: WE ARE NOT DREAMING. WE ARE NOT FOOLS. The difference is HUGE. Absolutely HUGE!!! I
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