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  1. The DX is freaking incredible. For $50 I would say I got a huge chunk of upgrade that the ER gave me. Together- it is a fabulous combination. Awaiting my second ER to see if it does anything at this point...
  2. I have received and installed my DX Ethernet filters between my modem and my Sonore Optical Module Deluxe which precedes my ER. IMMEDIATELY with NO BURN IN I heard a very appreciable sonic upgrade. We are talking about serious "veil lifting". I know Mr. Swenson said the improvement would be system dependent and range between no improvement and minor improvement when placed before side A, but my ears hear appreciable improvement. I know audiophiles have a tendency to exaggerate, but I have considered my words before writing them and I am confident that the improvement
  3. My entire system is in a closed cabinet. Of course, I make sure there is airspace around all my components within the cabinet, but still- in a cabinet which is often closed and in a hot climate. So, I am always a bit concerned about heat when leaving everything on 24/7. I have received confirmation from every component manufacturer that it is O.K... so- I hope it is. I generally shut off my entire system (except the Mutec Ref10 which runs pretty cool) once a week for around two hours just because of my heat paranoia...
  4. Is there any conclusion about using attenuators on the SFP input of ER or is it system/ear dependent?
  5. O.K. I did not think of my comment as a judgment. It was a question? How can a ER plus LPS plus OXCO sell for $1,100? My assumption behind the question is that perhaps I do not understand properly what the product is... I am asking for clarification to help me understand; I am not judging anything. Perhaps you have misjudged my intentions due to my lack of clarity in stating my question?
  6. How could it be that inexpensive if it has a built in super oxco and LPS? If it is an all in one- why would anyone buy an ER ever again when for less than double you get the LPS and OXCO built in?
  7. By the way, cost no object- my hunch ((guessing only) is that that Jcat with a great PS is the goldmine. I am not spending $6,000 however.
  8. Good move. I already have a mutec Ref10 se-120 so investment for me is only in PS and etherregen. If I did not have the Ref10, and did not want a clock for four other components in my system, I would do what you did. A I mentioned before, the Ref10 is a ridiculous purchase if you do not use it on many components, but if you do, you do not need all your other equipment to have expensive clocks built in.
  9. Please forgive me for the question if this has been covered: Does the ER need to be on 24/7 to sound its best or is a one or two hour warm up enough? It gets so hot, I want to extend it's life so I prefer to turn it on only when necessary. I thought at least to turn it on in the early afternoon and off at night before bed. I listen to music in the evening.... That would allow a 4-5 hour warm-up time.
  10. Wow- I was wrong. I see the Innous is around $3,600. ER is $670 with shipping X 2. OM around $335. My Teddy Pardos tripple is $800. I still have around a thousand dollars to upgrade to get equal grounding with the Innous. I could get a third ER or less expensive OXCO in my setup to equal costs or perhaps a better PS.. Again- I realize this is the more messy way to go, but it is an option.........
  11. I hear....... Again, I must have hearing problems, but I bought a Paul Hynes SR-7T and did not find much improvement at all over the Teddy Pardo at all. But I respect your opinion.... Regarding the many box approach- I agree it is not lovely, but it does allow one to build up slowly. If in theory dollar for dollar the Innous and ER x 2 plus OM plus three power supplies were around equal sonically and equal in cost, I agree- go with the less boxes approach IF you have the money to upfront. Seems reasonable. I do not argue with your points. I ju
  12. Regarding the one box issue, go to aliexpress and buy a nice metal case for $25.00 and put all your ER's, PS.s and OM inside one covered chasis.
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