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  1. Don't understand. Nuc to side A is clear. Side B must go to my summus euphony endpoint. Are you recommending a second rj45 connection between NUC and the router?
  2. For sure I have absolutely NO intention whatsoever to go optical for at least three months. I am taking lessons from you guys just to get ready. I agree that the er with sr7 turbo power supply and mutec clock may be all I need for a while. My sr7 power supply is dual rail galvanically isolated each rail from the other so I see no problem in connecting it to my endpoint and er with separate rails..
  3. You are all so kind. I am not very technologically advanced so I don't know how to get a picture on this thread but I will describe what I have setup currently. I have a modem/router combination. That is how they make them in Israel. It is connected to my phone jack. It has four rj45 sockets. One of them i use with a rj45 ethernet cable to connect to side A of etherregen. From side B a second RJ45 cable leads to my summus endpoint. Now I also have an intel NUC used as a server connected by rj45 direct to side A of the etherregen. This connection is not
  4. SOTM tx-usb Ultra with 75oho clock input View Classified This item was bought from SOTM USA around a month ago. It is in perfect mint condition and uses 12V. If interested please email me a d ill send pics. Price includes pp fees and worldwide shipping. Seller Rsbrsvp Date 02/18/21 Price 950.00 USD Category Digital to Digital Converters
  5. Time Left: 23 days and 15 hours

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    This item was bought from SOTM USA around a month ago. It is in perfect mint condition and uses 12V. It is the fully upgraded version.. If interested please email me and ill send pics. Price includes pp fees and worldwide shipping.

    950.00 USD

  6. Perhaps I was not clear. My modem has only rj45 out. I need the OM to convert to optical to get signal to etherregen side A which then connet to my summus endpoint . However, my Intel NUC server is also connected to side A of the etnerregen by rj45. Will this connection ruin the benifit of the optical connection ?
  7. Actually my next question is on cable length. Longer seems to be better, but does my sonore need to be far away from the etherregen or can it be a meter away and I can just bunch up the cable? Next question. My ether regen in this setup would receive an optical cable on side A which originates at my router. But on side A I also have my server (a NUC) conneted to the etherregen with a rj45. My question is will this connection ruin the benifit of optical connetion?
  8. The cable goes straight in the sonore and etherregen or first into the finisar module and the module then plugs into the sonore and etherregen? Which means I need two modules..?
  9. I don't understand where those huge termination plugs fit in the ether regen.
  10. Regarding optical on side A I need counseling. Simple optical 101 lesson please. I buy a sonore optical module which connects both to my router by rj45 and then to the etherregen side A by optical cable and everything else remains the same? Is this correct?
  11. I'm new to this so I really appreciate everyone's help. Is optical module agreed by all to be preferable to rj45 or is it not clear and not agreed upon? What are the general sonic strengths and weaknesses of optical vs rj45?
  12. By the way, Do others agree with not mixing ethernet cables on side A and B? I would appreciate Mr Swenson input.
  13. I am new to this forum although I have been active in headfi for several years. I feel a need as a show of appreciation to publicly express how pleased I am with the etherregen. But first: Alex has spent so so much time just explaining to me how streaming audio works and how to set up my system, I cannot believe the type of support I have received from him for a relatively small purchase. Uptone customer service is nothing short of grade AAA. Now on to the etherregen. I have purchased alot of equipment over the years including an LPS and iso regen from up
  14. Google: "meichord opal blue jeans" and there are several comparisons on the NAIM thread.
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