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  1. I’ve been streaming lossless from Spotify ever since I bought the Linn Klimax DS3 streamer.
  2. Hi @airguitar I am using this lps https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001288349011.html with great success along with Sommer square 4-core mk2 highflex cable for the dc supply.
  3. Unsure if this has already been posted but it may be helpful.
  4. Hi Everyone I’ve been reading this thread with great interest and it has inspired me to try out network switches. I’d like to thank @Nenon for his great threads about the Buffalo BS GS2016 and all the other contributors. I started out trying a Silent Angel Bonn N8 with an MCRU power supply. This was a noticeable improvement to both imaging and sound stage. I then borrowed a Melco S100 loan unit from my local dealer. I initially had trouble with harshness but tracked this down to the stock smps on the router. After changing this for an lps the harshness went and there was an i
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