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  1. I have just had a listen (only on an average set of headphones) and they do sound really clean. I will have another listen in the morning on some propper speakers and give you some feedback. Is there any chance you could add the FeralA source material prior to decoding so that it is possible to compare the source to the result?
  2. HI John, I have been following your work online over the last few days since I had reason to investigate DolbyA in depth, and I 100% agree with you on the leaking of DolbyA into the consumer world. I have no direct examples myself but from my work and experience within the record industry I can 100% see how this can happen easily. I have a rather unique view of the industry in that I was brought up within the world or recording and also manufacturing and sales. I have literally experienced everything from recording in pro studios to home recording and from V
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