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  1. Yeah my bank is groaning, i just pulled trigger on EtherRegen so i have the option of clean streaming. So it's better than the basic Pink Faun?
  2. I have a Beelink GTR Mini PC going to a Sony TA-ZH1ES and i find anything more than ASDM5EC at DSD128 causes stuttering. I find though ASDM5EC sounds great anyway. Infact i found a revelation last night that you can make an even bigger performance increase by tweaking your system for noise itself. I power the Beelink with a Audiophonics Linear PSU which made a drastic improvement to performance, but last night i simply disconnected my network cable and boom the sound is now in the stratosphere. Think i need to invest in a network isolator like the pink faun. My settings that are sounding
  3. I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a license for HQPlayer. I am finding it does a better job than my Sony TA-ZH1ES Headphone AMP/DAC's "DSD Remastering mode". I am running the software on a Ryzen 7 3570H Mobile CPU (Beelink GTR Mini PC) with 4 cores/8 threads using Windows 10 Pro and can't get beyond DSD128 without stuttering even though the overall CPU load is about 50%. I did notice one or two threads spiked at 100% in system usage graphs. I am using the settings below for good results with Redbook, but wondered if using the Linux version of HQPlayer will solve my attempts at DSD256.
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