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  1. It was much greater than 20%. After upgrading my speakers (to Coherent Audio GR12’s), there was noticeable digital smear on some tracks (not all admittedly). There is none with the Venus. How much of an improvement you will hear will depend on how highly resolving the rest of your system is, I suppose.
  2. I've spent the last couple of afternoons doing some serious listening to the Venus vs Venus + Singxer SU-1. Basically I was comparing running the signal from my dedicated audio pc into the USB input of the Venus versus running the USB signal into the Singxer, then into the Venus via its I2S port. Backstory: I replaced my 10 year old Martin Logan Spires with new Coherent Audio GR12's, which are hand-made (and tuned) in Canada. I immediately noticed that my digital files didn't sound right anymore? I don't know if what I was hearing was digital smear or glare but whatever it was, I c
  3. So the Venus arrived today (March 19), a full four days ahead of schedule! DHL always impresses me. It’s been swapped into my system and I’m listening to it now. Still early days to give it an in-depth review. I plan on listening to it without the Singxer for awhile to get a feel for it’s sonic presentation, then add the Singxer. After that, I’ll swap the Gustard back in. Initial impression? I’m grinning from ear to ear.
  4. I placed the order on their website on March 1. This was during a 3 week holiday period so Alvin didn't reply back until March 11. I had indicated I wanted a black unit and Alvin informed me that there was backlog of orders for the black units but if I wanted a silver one, it could be ready within a week. I opted for a silver one. Today (Mar 16), I received a notice from DHL to expect the shipment to arrive on March 23. I will try the Venus both with and without my Singxer SU-1 and report back here.
  5. There’s an Audiolab M-DAC on USAudioMart for $650 that would work: Audiolab M-dac
  6. “Like I said above, it's not just the DAC but the whole replay chain. You can't just get a good DAC and run a pi into it - the whole chain needs to be considered, from modem on back, but the streamer and its power supply and cabling are especially important. Consider the streamer as your stylus and/or cartridge. “ Well said! This should be a sticky in this group.
  7. Spoiler alert: there is no "best". With that out of the way, have a look for a used Doge 7 DAC. Very analog sounding (if that's what he's looking for). I used to have the Doge 8 preamp/phonostage which was very good in both build quality and sonics. I replaced it with a Don Sachs linestage and a Croft RIAA phonostage.
  8. Curious if anyone has compared their Denafrips DAC with a Singxer DDC. I've just ordered the Venus II which will replace a Gustard x20 pro DAC. I currently own a modified Singxer SU-1. I read that the Venus and Terminator already have an excellent adaptive FIFO buffer for reclocking and utilize the AK4118 chip (an ultra low jitter digital receiver). I suppose I can wait until I receive the Venus but I'm looking at a 3 week wait...
  9. Howdy all! I've recently ordered a Denafrips Venus II to replace a Gustard x20 Pro DAC/Singxer SU-1 DDC combo. I'm curious to understand if it would be worth keeping the Singxer SU-1 to connect to the Venus. I've made a number of upgrades to the SU-1: - installed an SBooster power supply module - replaced the audio board voltage regulator with a Sparkos Labs Discrete Regulator - replaced the 5 capacitors on the audio board with low ESR Panasonic ones - installed an SR Orange Fuse Has anyone paired a DDC with their Venus?
  10. @hgaggioni Thanks for that. My DV-50S is now 17 years old but is still going strong. I've recently by-passed the internal DAC (when playing CDs) by running coax into my external DAC (Gustard x20 Pro). I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how close the two are, in terms of sound quality. I have no doubt that I would hear a greater difference if I tried a higher level DAC (like a Denafrips Pontus). It will be interesting to compare the DV-50S' internal SACD playback against the DSD processing capabilities of the Gustard (a sub $1,000 DAC).
  11. I've followed this thread with great interest. I have an Esoteric DV-50S which has an HDMI output and a Gustard x20 Pro DAC which accepts I2S input but I can't seem to find any information confirming if the DV-50S does pass DSD through the HDMI port? Can anyone confirm if Esoteric does pass DSD through their HDMI output? Cheers,
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