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  1. What should I do if I am using NAA with Allo USB Bridge Signature Player instead? I hear pops when on PCM 768 with Sinc L
  2. Dear @Allo @Allo @allo.com @Allo @ALLOsupport the original poster and myself both seem to be having this problem. kindly guide
  3. I had the same issue on my new unit. Just alter position or orientation. Move the wires a bit etc. Somehow it stopped for me. Good luck.
  4. Based on this discussion, I wanted to check what is the optimum setting for an integrated amplifier? 1) to set the volume at full and reduce HQPlayer volume setting by -30db 2) to set the volume at low and set the HQPlayer volume setting at -5db <<Also, what is the optimum volume setting for HQPlayer?>> Thanks
  5. So you are saying that the comfast worked extremely well with Moode? Maybe Ropiee / Ropieee XL do not have the drivers to support this device. So if it worked on Moode I might try Moode OS as an option. (Altho my preference would be Ropieee as Ropieee OS makes the Allo a Roon certified device. I have asked Allo to support me for this. Let's see how that pans out.) Can Moode be set as Roon end point tho? Also, is there any difference in SQ with change in OS? Your reply is very helpful and has helped my confidence.
  6. I am having trouble using comfast dual band dongle with my Allo Usb-bridge signature player. I have it configured with Ropieee XL. Can you please help? I scanned the device but it is not showing up. All the blue light of the comfast dongle is not lighting up
  7. Did you benefit from this change? Btw, I have just received my Allo USB Bridge Signature Player and Allo Shanti LPS. I will receive my Allo Comcast WiFi dongle tomorrow. I wanted to ask you if changing the stock power cable of the Allo Shanti improve the SQ?
  8. What difference did you observe in Sinc S and Sinc M? I haven't tried Sinc M but Sinc S is my favourite filter currently and goes beautifully with my chain. I use Sinc S with ASDM7EC at DSD64 and 48k enabled.
  9. Sinc S doesn't play with Hires 88.2, 96 and so on? In this case what should I do? I can't enable 48k cos it gives some popping. I really like this filter tbh. Other preferences are poly-sinc-short-mp-2s and poly-sinc-ext2.
  10. So this means adding eGPU won't help. I need to change core to make full use of HQ Player.
  11. Thank you Ted. Atm I just have a intel NUC8I3BEH which is run as a my Roon Core. It doesn't have Nvidia cards in it and only Intel iris dedicated which cannot do CUDA offload. What do you suggest, 1) Should I first upgrade my core by connecting an eGpu to make the best out of HQ Player Desktop or 2) Buy Hq player desktop license first and try with low CPU extensive filters such as poly-sinc-short-mp-2s with ASDM7 at DSD256 or below. Fyi, the intel nuc8i3beh can upsample to highest available config on Roon internal DSP but struggles with HQ Player filters such as poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7EC, ASDM5EC etc.
  12. Yes, kinda :) But, will HQ Player 4 Desktop users get some discount for upgrade or is the price generalized regardless you are an existing user or new joinee? Maybe someone who has been with the software since the 3rd gen will know.
  13. Please help. This will help me make a purchase decision. My wife is against recurring expenses 😂
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