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  1. Looking forward to your May review. Saw your Qutest and DAVE/MScaler reviews today. Very nice work. Many thanks. Best wishes for your upcoming videos and your new channel!
  2. Ok, I see. This is a valid point of course. Good to see that you are not missing the DSD option accidentally. Very good.
  3. Indeed, I had experienced this too. Also on speakers not so nice. But with PCM384 still quite good.
  4. Hm, this is quite a limitation I find. I have a Chord Mojo and it really performs much better when it receives red book CD data upsampled to high rates such as PCM768kHz or DSD256 via HQPlayer. Should be the same for your Hugo2 and ADI-2 DAC. More recently, I bought the T+A DAC8DSD and after now experiencing with this DAC red book CD data upsampled to DSD512, I will probably never go back to any DAC not capable of at least DSD256 in the future. If I remember correctly, there is another version of the Anubis which would do DSD256. In fact, I had been interested in the Anubis (and the HAPI). The
  5. Hi jtwrace, I did buy two of these switches not too long ago. I am still experimenting with them. The cool feature - not yet used by me - it that a 10Gbit optical connection betweet them is possible. So far, I am using only my 1Gbit transceivers. Soon will I get 10Gbit capable transceivers. Reading the MikroTik forums however it seems that the optimal firmware for this switch is yet to come. Still mine are working now as intended. Wondering what it means to have two switches setup to act as one as opposed to daisy chaining. Is there any link for an explanation of this concept?
  6. fds

    HQ Player

    Really? Even when the source format is DSD64 and final format DSD256 or DSD512? I had thought that filters for DSD are only bypassed in DSD direct mode?
  7. fds

    HQ Player

    If you flash the newest Amanero USB driver to your DAC8DSD, DSD512 will be possible on a Linux based NAA/system. With the Amanero driver, I am able to use the Sonore OpticalRendu as NAA to play DSD512. Works very nicely here ... I am still amazed after each listening session with the DAC8DSD that entered my system at the end of 2020.
  8. Very interesting product. Would be interesting to hear how it performs in comparison to the Sonore OpticalModule+OpticalRendu combination.
  9. Have just become aware of the new ifi iPower Elite (which however seems not to be a LPSU): https://ifi-audio.com/products/ipower-elite/ I had mixed experiences with ifi power products, very disappointing ones with the basic ifi iPower SMPS and surprisingly stunning ones with a couple of their AC Purifier plugs. Reading the forums, the iPower X seems to be quite good already. However, I really like that the new iPower Elite offers the possibility to use your favorite power cord with it.
  10. Is it this one here: Finisar FTLX1475D3BCV - 1/10 Gbit/s Dual-Rate SM 1310nm SFP+ Transceiver? (Appearantly there seems to be an equivalent product offered by BlueOptics at a lower price and which seems to have shorter delivery times here in the EU: BlueOptics BO35H13610D SFP+ Transceiver 2/4/8GBASE-LW 10KM.)
  11. Thanks! This is a very important point. I was glad that I had checked this "DirectSDM" mode while still using an analog volume control to find out that the HQPlayer volume control is bypassed as well. More generally, one has to be very careful when using software volume control as stressed also in the HQPlayer manual. E.g. one has to make sure that the connected PC does not play any sounds (e.g. for incoming mails) that do not go through HQPlayer in that case. I think the use of software volume control does require some extra care. However, the benefit of HQPlayer software volume control is qu
  12. Anyone here using the Holo Audio May with the HQPlayer volume control directly connected to power amps as the favored setting? Is that a setting that works well? According to JAs Stereophile measurements it seems to have a max output on the balanced outputs of 5.8V at 1kHz when using NOS mode. (https://www.stereophile.com/content/holoaudio-may-level-3-da-processor-measurements) Does this apply when feeding native DSD to the Holo Audio May NOS mode as well? Also does the voltage value matter when thinking about using a DAC with HQPlayer volume control directly connected to
  13. Thanks. Some aspects look really nice and interesting ... but only PCM up to 192kHz max ... no listing of any native (high rate) DSD capabilities. Also the specified output voltage on the XLR seems to be with 2V a bit on the low side. Shouldn't it be 4V? ... but maybe it is so new that some things/listings on the WWW page are still subject to change. Impressive case work.
  14. Yes, today, I managed to use the SFP(+) ports on the two CSS610 MikroTik switches for the first time. Found their IP address via WinBox. Thereafter I managed access to each of the two switches and to update each with the new testing version 2.13rc12 obtained via for CSS610-8G-2S+ https://box.mikrotik.com/f/0a98c88515a64596be3d/?dl=1 Finally, I had changed in SwOS from Auto Configuration to SFP 1G on the respective SFP(+) ports. Thereafter, lights became active on the respective ports and a first listening session became possible. Thanks again to you @jabbr and @ericuco
  15. Thanks for replying @jabbr So far, I have just tried two pairs of SFPs (i.e. no SFP+s yet) on both CSS610 switches with a single mode fiber in between: Finisar 1321 & Planet tech MGB-TLX. Still have to manage to access the switches to check for configurations.
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