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  1. Such a post would be very welcome I believe.
  2. Not possibility to connect any external power supply to my understanding. Indeed, I think such a possiblity would be very welcome. Note sure whether some after-market solution will become available for the Tambaqui, i.e., something equivalent to the Sean Jacobs DC4 PSU upgrade for the Chord DAVE.
  3. Wonderful review. Many thanks ... now for part 3 it will be very interesting to hear your impressions on how the May compares to the Tambaqui :-) ... again thanks for this golden review of the May!
  4. How do you power the TT2? Stock PSU? Probably not, or? Sounds interesting. Surprising though. It seems that you would prefer the TT2 to the DAVE. Ups, sorry for going OT ...
  5. Thanks a lot, Gavin1977. Any news on your most recent experiences with the TT2 maybe?
  6. Hm I have both and I think that the AQ diamond is much, much better than the SUPRA. I have also a Light Harmonic Lightspeed to which the AQ diamond is comparable. The Lightspeed is more extended while the Diamond is more natural with voices. Actually I had used the AQ diamond for many years and I had liked what it did. The Sablon is clearly in a different league though. Still surprising to me that a USB cable can make such a profound difference. Interesting to hear that the sigma is even better for which one pays about 3-4 times the price of the Sablon. WRT the Mays USB input, I am
  7. Here some experience with the Sablon 2020 USB vs. the AQ Diamond USB. I do have both. Recently I got an Innuos Phoenix for testing. This required me to bring back my older AQ Diamond USB as a 2nd USB cable in addition to the Sablon 2020 USB. The improvements the Phoenix brought where positive but a bit of give and take. In fact, I had missed the openess and flow that I had without the Phoenix, i.e., when directly connecting my T+A DAC8DSD to the OpticalRendu with the Sablon 2020 USB cable. However, the net effect of the Phoenix was still a positive one. Also I had high hopes that the missing o
  8. Great to know about this new PGGB software. However, more suitable for DAC particularly strong with PCM. No DSD output from PGGB which would be the optimum for the DAC8DSD. Maybe usage of PGGB would be to produce better PCM via PGGB and then feeding this into HQPlayer for translation to DSD512 where the T+A shines.
  9. Still maybe relevant/important when using digital room correction filters generated by Acourate or AudioLense for example. Good to be aware of this. Many thanks!
  10. Interesting ... well, there are of course ways to compensate: Change audio channels L/R by switching XLR cables or speaker cables for example.
  11. Since I had just gotten a used dual-rail SR7, I am very sad to hear about this PHD insolvency. The SR7 was one of the most striking additions to my system. In fact, just a few weeks ago I still had received a mail from Stephen pointing out that the waiting time for another SR7 would not have been excessively long. I was very, very tempted to order it. However, a vintage guitar collector had just warned me that the Brexit made products from the UK by about 20% more expensive here in the EU. Thus, I had decided to put the order on hold for now. I guess I was lucky since I would have lost quite a
  12. Have just reached a new SQ benchmark with the T+A in my listening room yesterday night. Several improvements on my system recently: - Went from power bank power supply to a dual-rail Paul Hynes SR7 on the opticalRendu and a MikroTik 10GBit switch. This made a huge effect. So important to provide the opticalRendu with a premium power supply. Really no subtle differences ... it put my system into a new league. - Next I got an Innuous Phoenix for testing. Since it was a brand new unit, it is still burning in. Nevertheless, it brings improvements that made it impossible for
  13. T+A DAC8DSD ... or maybe Holo Audio May ... both need an external streamer such as the NAA capable opticalRendu for example. NAA is required for HQPlayer software.
  14. Many thanks for posting this here! ... Allowed me to become a happy new owner of an SR7 Dual. Fits perfectly into my system and makes a very big difference.
  15. Indeed, I would keep the May away from the PSU. Less stray electromagnetic fields and less vibrations. Good that you are using isolation plates already. My experience with PSUs is that they benefit A LOT from Ansuz Darkz footers, which are quite expensive unfortunately. Since the May comes with the PSU in a separate housing - which is really excellent in my opinion - I would try to make the best out of it by moving the PSU away from the DAC and by putting both on excellent footers such as Stillpoints, Darkz, Ceraballs, Orea, or similar. I am still surprised by the enormous effect those footers
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