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  1. That is what I had read about Chord DACs as well. Indeed, both upsampling to max PCM and to DSD256 sounds great, even if the latter is done in JRMC27 ... and there are clear differences between both that I am still exploring right now. Somehow I have the feeling that timing is better when feeding DSD whereas extension up high is better when feeding PCM. Also ROON vs JRMC27 is quite interesting with ROON being somewhat warmer with more depth and JRMC27 somewhat more accurate and maybe a tad more natural. Still all early impressions. Goting OT here sorry.
  2. Thanks a lot for the shared experiences. Yes, also in my experience, cables and vibration control are very important as is clean power and clean digital feed ... and it is in such an environment where the Mojo impresses me after it was sitting for years on the side with only very occasional mobile use. Looking forward to hear from the DAC8-Tambaqui shootout ... and although I am using an Ayre KX5 pre with very good results, I still have a sweet spot for DAC-power amp direct settings. Should probably get the DAC8 here for some testing as well ... with a powerful CPU.
  3. @Gavin1977: I am looking very much forward to hear about your impressions when comparing the tambaqui with your DAC8. Did you ever compare your DAC8 with DSD512 with the Chord DAVE? Another interesting alternative might be the Holo Audio May, of course. There are some reporting DAC8 with DSD512 being better than DAVE which is quite a statement I believe. Too bad that HQPlayer Pro with its offline upsampling cababilies is so much more expensive than the other variants HQPlayer. It would help enormously to have it in a more affordable package. Large disks would be necessary instead o
  4. Recently I have rediscovered my Chord Mojo as an amazing DAC and not only in a portable use. Excellent timing, holographic, lifelike, sparkling, open ... shows already what I believe to be that special Chord DAC magic. I use it now with Sonores OpticalModule and OpticalRendu. The most stunning experience was when feeding it from HQPlayer with redbook CD upsampled to PCM or DSD with the highest multiple of 2 rates my MacBook/iMac can handle. From there I do think that Hugo 2 would be a great choice.
  5. Many thanks. Indeed the 0.75dB @ 20kHz drop is not so significant. Readjusting speaker position by a little can easily have a larger effect. Also correction via DSP tools such as Audiolense would probably be a possibility to compensate for the drop to some extend. Good to hear about the comparisons with DAVE in favor of the May.
  6. Hmm, I had just looked at the JAs Stereophile measurements of the May: https://www.stereophile.com/content/holoaudio-may-level-3-da-processor-measurements What surprised me to see was the somewhat early rolled-off top end in the frequency response in Fig.7 (and Figs.8&9 for DSD in particular). Compared to this, the Chord DAVE (at much higher price of course) shows a much better performance as can be seen in Fig.3 here: https://www.stereophile.com/content/chord-electronics-dave-da-processor-measurements Contrary to that the impulse response (F
  7. @luismaI cannot comment on Acourate. No experience. Getting optimal results Audiolense however seems to be more difficult than I had expected. Still have to get rid of some preringing ... Will have to experiment further. Also room treatments seem to be necessary. Not enough time here ... Note that AL correction implies few dB smaller signal. Thus DACs with excellent signal-to-noise like the May will be beneficial. While I win in bass quality with AL filters on, it seems to me that I loose a bit of air even when doing just partial correction up to say 500 Hz. @GoldenOne Impressive m
  8. Many thanks for your detailed reply, GoldenOne. This is very helpful information for me. In fact I had used my current MetricHalo LIO-8 interface (with analog vol control) directly into MarkLevinson 434 monos for quite some time. Before that I had also tried a passive attenuator (but probably not at the level of your Goldpoint) with a borrowed Ayre QB9 DAC but that was not really convincing. At some point I got an Ayre KX-5 (non-20) preamp over the weekend for testing, which I could not return thereafter. And even recently, I had tried again to go back to DAC directly into power am
  9. Many thanks for your reply, barrows. In fact, I had been using my Metric Halo LIO-8 direct into Mark Levinson 434 monos for a long time. However, after checking out the Ayre KX-5 (non-20) preamp, it was not possible for me to go back. Recently, I had tried to go direct to power amp directly again but I had to add the Ayre back in rather quickly. Will try again and give it a bit more time then. In a way I still think that DAC with volume control going directly into power amp is an ideal solution, exactly in the way you are doing it with your M3.
  10. Are you still using your 3d upgraded Metric Halo device? Did you compare it with your new Lumin T2 maybe? Maybe you want to try an opticalModule and fiber in front of these devices?
  11. I am still trying to fix the problems encountered when using the LIO-8 with the opticalRendu. Unfortunately, even with the newest firmware pb10, the pops/clicks are still there. Their frecquency of appearance doubles when doubling the sample rate. Just got in contact with both Sonore and Metric Halo to solve this. Both got immediatly back to me. Very nice. So let's see how this will evolve. In the meantime, I am using the new ethernet input on the LIO-8 3D using a direct connection to my iMac (running JRMC26) and also using optical fiber with an opticalModule in front of the LIO-8.
  12. For footers I can recommend Ansuz Darkz very much. Unfortunately, they are addictive and lead to quite an investment over time ... at least they will stay in my system for hopefully many years to come. @Barrows. Did you maybe ever get a chance to compare your Bricasti M3 to the Holo Audio Spring or May? I understand that you prefer to have an analog volume control embedded missing on the Holo Audio DACs. Also may I ask which Ayre Preamp you had used before going M3 direct to power amp?
  13. Hi GoldenOne, Are you still enjoying the May with volume controlled by HQPlayer? Would it be possible to hear your assessment w.r.t. your RME ADI-2 DAC? Do you have a favorite HQPlayer upsampling with these DACs? Would you mind sharing this maybe? Many thanks, Frank
  14. Have just recently upgraded my LIO-8 to 3D. Very happy with the improvements when using it now directly connected to my iMac via USB (instead of FW). I was somewhat afraid of the upgrade since I liked its perfomance under 2D already quite a lot. However, with 3D the highs in particular got quite a bit better while its other strengths remained unchanged. However, I have been using its USB input without checking for the firmware in the MIO software. One of my main motivations for the upgrade was the hope to use it with the Sonore opticalRendu (oR). Unfortunately, this is still probl
  15. Irony, right? If you meant that seriously ... dream on ... nuff said.
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