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  1. CJF, Appreciate your time, insite and responses. I'm a little embarrassed about the lack of info I provided on my M11. I have only had the M11 for three weeks, but I take it everywhere along with a pair of bluetooth ear buds. I listen to music in my car (via a aux connection), while working out, while shopping, then connect it to a pair of bluetooth speakers and sub-woofer when I get home. The new home stereo set up is to allow me allow me to break free of the bluetooth connection, and let loose while at home. The tuner is due to the fact I listen to a lot radio.
  2. Thanks for your response cjf. I have yet to purchase any of the equipment. Your $2K cost estimate is accurate. With the sale cost of some of the items, the cost is $1.6K. My DAP is a FiiO M11, which has a built in DAC. My plan is to put all my vinyl and CD's on the two storage cards in the DAP. No plans to connect a TV. It is already connected to its own soundbar.
  3. I plan on purchasing some new stereo equipment for the first time in 31 years. I am looking for comments on my potential purchase. I have a brand new digital audio player, which will be my primary music source. The plan is to plug the DAP into the system and listen to music thru wired speaker's. I have always been partial to stereo componets, my system choices are as follows: Amplifier. Yamaha A-S501 Tuner. Yamaha T-S500 Equalizer. Pile Pro PPPEQ 100 Speaker's. ELAC Debut 2.0 F5.2 I am not brand loyal to Yamaha, but the amp and tuner got
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