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  1. Great review, I found it most helpful. I used to be really into high end audio back in the 80s and 90s but I could never find that elusive perfect combination of components. and have been out of it for almost 20 years. I'm just starting to get the bug again but all the new technologies, room correction and brands I've never heard of are very daunting. The combination of active speakers with built in AD and DA conversion as well as room correction makes these types of solutions very appealing. I just worry that this is such rapidly evolving tech that if I buy in now I'll have regrets in a sho
  2. Hi Mitch, your review of the D&D 8c's is one of the best audio reviews I've read! I have to say that I agree with you that the high end of most audiophile speakers is unlistenable. Where others say they hear "extension" "sparkle" and "air" I hear intolerable brightness. This is why I've kept my humble Athena Technologies S3 speakers for over 17 years, I can listen to them for 5 hours straight with no fatigue because the "synthetic silk" dome tweeter isn't bright. As I approach my retirement I'm thinking about making a major upgrade to a speaker with more detail and dynamic impact without t
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