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  1. Thank you, Hopkins! Indeed, if the new model has an optical input, my collection of disks will be in demand.You only need to convert the coaxial output of the RCA player to the optical output of Toslink.As far as I understand-it is possible.This will be an additional bonus.Perhaps it is possible to connect sensitive 95 db full-range speakers without an amplifier? Bingo!
  2. When playing files on a newly designed device, we try to evaluate this sound with the previously heard and satisfied sound that we liked and were quite satisfied with.Let's not talk about vinyl-this is a reference that is obviously impossible to surpass.For example, for me, this is playing a CD of classical music with old multi-bit players PHilips 100,202,304,880 ,Marantz-99,Denon D1 ,Muse 296 , from the newer Esoteric,Audio Note.Was there a blind test(comparison) between the sound of such players and the UPL96ETL+DA96ETF bundle? This means playing a certain CD disc and playing its rip as a fi
  3. Hello! I plan to purchase UPL96 +DA96ETF + SVC 24.Who can tell me what the output impedance will be on the SVC24 output at minimum and maximum volume? I need to match a tube end amp without a volume control, and to do this I need to match the output impedance after SVC24 and the input impedance of the tube amp.Or, perhaps, not to buy SVC24, but to buy an amplifier with a built-in attenuator corresponding to the impedance DA96ETF=375 Om ? I wrote to ECD, but got no response. Thanks.Serge.
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