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  1. Thanks for your input! And how do you think they compare in terms of sound quality?
  2. Hey folks! Which option would you choose for a 5m x 5m room. Dynaudio Focus 20XD actives or Dynaudio Special 40 paired with Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 amplifier And why would you choose one over another? Thanks for the replies.
  3. I had Sundara's, they were special, had an interesting depth. I sold those and got Focal Clear's hoping that it's an upgrade, but ultimately I was missing that special depth of Sundaras, so I returned the Focals 4 days later and got Arya's instead. I think it's pretty much my endgame, breathtaking headphones, pretty much Sundaras on steroids. So at $350 Sundara is a great value IMO
  4. Thanks for the insight! I'm definitely looking to get a stereo pair, never liked surround systems. Bluesound streaming amplifier gets rave reviews, so I guess it does sound good.
  5. Hello! I started saving a little bit to get a nice HiFI system for my TV to replace a soundbar and currently have 2 options in mind. Need help from knowing people :) I'm planning to make a purchase mid May, so there's still plenty of time to research. 1)Active speakers: KEF LS50 Wireless II ~ $2500 Pros- All-in-one system, less cables. Beautiful design Sound quality (I heard the first version tho) Cons - Price Quality control (Read a lot of negative reviews about KEF as a company) 2) Amp+passive pair. Bluesound Powernode 2i ($8
  6. I don't have any optical outputs on my PC unfortunately. The only audio output is th 3.5mm on my motherboard.
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! To be honest I am a little bit confused myself already. If you have couple of minutes to read the topic I would appreciate it! I started the topic as a recommendation to swap my Xeo's to something that can sound better. https://www.avforums.com/threads/pc-speakers-upgrade.2343008/ And sorry, I'm not sure if I can post links on this forum
  8. Hello! Please forgive me if this question sounds silly, I'm still learning! My Xeo 2's are connected via RCA cables to 3.5mm jack of my PC's motherboard (Onboard soundcard), I got a recommendation to get either an external sound card ( Sound Blaster X3) or external DAC ( SMSL Sanskrit 10th mk2) or just a digital to analog converter to improve the sound quality of my speakers. Which of these options will work best? As I understand correctly, connecting speakers to an board sound card bypasses the DAC that's built in into the speaker. On the other hand I'm looking to get a DAC (Schiit
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