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  1. That’s what I thought. I will as soon as I finish tuning my ethernet cable.
  2. Giuseppe, Interesting thread. On my C2700 I checked and I am running v1.03 and DA2 firmware V4.03 Any reason to update? If so, how? I would hate to have to ship it back for a software update. Thanks, Mark
  3. Road trip! https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa6i2d-pair-of-legendary-bowers-and-wilkins-matrix-801-s1-speakers
  4. +1 Curious about adding tubes to your MC611's. Tubelicous or nah?
  5. Interesting. I dropped Amazon last month. Streaming has become a Wild, Wild, West of claims, counter-claims and mysticism. Layer on MQA and it's a hot mess. I am proceeding with extreme caution on the hardware side (DAC mysticism has me very suspicious) and sticking with Qobuz + Roon on the software side for now not because it is the "best" (I have no idea) but because it works for me. I'm reminded of broadcast television in the 60's when you had to hold the antenna just right to get a good picture. Kudos for trying to keep the Man honest!
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