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    A fantastic Devialet Expert D 200 with remote control in complete original packaging. Excellent performance and sound quality. Price 3.900 $ USD or 3.400€ Selling and shipping only in Europe.

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  2. View Classified Devialet D 200 A fantastic Devialet Expert D 200 with remote control in complete original packaging. Excellent performance and sound quality. Price 3.900 $ USD or 3.400€ Selling and shipping only in Europe. Seller HDgeorge Date 04/11/21 Price 3,900.00 USD Category Amplifiers
  3. Ideon Audio reclocker devices are off-spec. Previously they suggested very short length USB cable on their previous reclock device. Many compatibility issues with various brands have been reported with Ideon reclocking devices.
  4. the upgrade for A10 is A30. A10 has a real good DAC. N10 is better streamer though.
  5. On my ACS10 the Critical listening mode has very big impact. This mode is present on ACS10 , N20 and Aurenders with Colour screen. I would like to hear from other owners of N20 about Critical listening mode. I am very tempted to upgrade or keep ACS10 and buy N20 as well.
  6. On ACS10 I have found Critical listening mode, that turns off all negative effect functions and switch of the screen to has huge positive effect on Sound quality. I guess this is also the case on N20. has N20 users tried Critical listening mode on and off? It has also better sound quality on N20 to use Critical listening mode?
  7. If you wish to use a UPS though, there is a solution to avoid its negatives by using a Torus PB2 powerblock after the UPS. This way Torus provides clean AC unaffected by the UPS. so, the route is : UPS —> Torus PB2 —> AURENDER. In any case using a Torus powerblock powering an Aurender unit and other front end units as well, it makes the sound better. More substantial, with bigger soundstage and depth and more natural sounding. Highly recommended.
  8. Noushy, could you please tell us how big the difference in performance is between N10 & N20?
  9. Hi Nikolaos1969 Hifi Rose rs201e is what you are looking for.
  10. For USB cable for my N-10 I use the Stealth Audio Select. For more affordable I'd recommend the Wireworld Platinum7 that won easy the AQ diamond, total-Dac, Curious, Nordost and many others at the time of testing.
  11. Congrats on your new W20. its a dream digital transport and much much much .....much better than your previous Auralic. one tip is to check power cords for it. I tried on a friends N-10 the Stealth Dream v12 digital and it's a blast. regarding digital cables, Stealth (sextet, Octava) is the leader, if you want neutral, dynamic and lifelike sound. Check Stealth digital cables among others.
  12. Reading the brochure I understand that ACS10 is also a standalone product. it has latest generation USB output and leaflet says its server and streamer. So i am wondering in terms of performance where it fits in Aurender chain? has similar sonic quality with N10 or inferior? Also does anyone knows what is latest generation USB output and the double isolated LAN? looks very interesting and promising device.
  13. Does the DSDx256 playback is an upcoming feature for Aurenders?
  14. Aurender proven a more reliable platform which always improves and owners has free upgrades. I put my money on Aurender.
  15. Roon is not for everybody. I care more for performance and listen to music not browsing while listening to music. And Aurender serves best in that area. A10 is a great device. It substituted my Mac with all possible modifications+ dCS Debussy dac. It was intended for my secondary system but I am stunned about its dac performance. And I am using it also in my main system, for the moment. Couldn't believe how much better played the A10's dac vs dCS Debussy. I already new the server/streamer because I use to have the X100 in main system. Great review Chris, I'm not into MQA for the mo
  16. Phison audio aren't the guys that designed all Aavik stuff?
  17. +1 Listening to music is all want it is about!
  18. Aurender 's app is much better than any Moon, also sound quality. You haven't experienced what Aurender can offer soundwise. Aurender needs : A great power cord, Great isolation, Great USB cable, Giso LAN isolation, Etc..... Then you will see the sound quality elevate. Aurender has more sound capabilities if someone wishes to go the extra mile...... Same case as with amplifiers,dacs, pre amplifiers, speakers etc....
  19. I agree completely. I liked the A10 as one unit for server and dac. Not as a preamp. Although it might work well as preamp too, but have no extensive experience . In all listenings heard as server/dac with integrated amps or pre/power combos.
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