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  1. I've just setup a second new NAS TS-873A with 8 x 14tb drives in raid 6 using QTS Hero. I've looked in the App Store and there is no Roon app available. I have my other NAS TVS-871U which I am using to store music for now and this has my Roon core. It's running the normal QTS. So it doesn't look like I can test out Roon from the new NAS. Not game to manually load the app either as I got hit with the ransomware backdoor earlier this year.
  2. Hey mate just get a RPi4, load Ropieee and connect via USB. This will be you cheapest option. This is what I have been running with Roon and KTE with no locking delay issues.
  3. I think you need to get the unit and DA2 firmware updated. The firmware versions you have quoted look older than my original ones which was last year. Mine did work in windows though.
  4. I've still got my Topping D90 here. Differences are not subtle at all. The May has more clarity and soundstage. Easier to pick out instrument placements. I'v barely touch the D90 since I got the May and only kept It for the MQA. Might get rid of it soon... taking up space.
  5. I am using RPI4 with RoipeeeXL and Roon Core on my Qnap. Just using the USB connection as I am hatless. Sounds great to me and works perfectly. I haven't tried anything else yet as I got this as it was inexpensive and worth a shot.
  6. Some text from the crux audio website ”Patented R2R technology. Discrete DAC that has Linear compensation and this allows for ultimate music reproduction accuracy. Separate R2R network for PCM, and R2R for DSD. HOLO Audio is the world’s first to support DSD natively on R2R DAC, so far the only one. This is not the DSD converted to PCM before digital-analog converter, but directly by the discrete components of the DSD digital to analog converter. Supported currently on MAC (DOP)and Linux (DOP), and Windows/PC (Direct Native and DOP).“ so yes it has separate ladders.
  7. Well I did leave it on 24/7 for about 6 weeks. It is also summer over here a so a bit stinking hot. But from what I remember out of the box it sounded great. Then after a few days there was an improvement. One week and after didn’t notice much difference.
  8. I too enjoyed your rambling comment and agree very much with your observations of the May DAC. I got my last Xmas eve and still thoroughly enjoying it.
  9. Hi Giuseppe, good news there and it seems my firmware is already out of date 😂 but I think I’ll leave it the way it is for now
  10. I suppose the DAC is made to a price point. It is a ESS D/S chip. But when I was looking for a preamp I needed one with HT passthru so it could go with my home theater gear. The preamp without the DAC and similar price to the C2700 did not have HT passthru. The one that did though the C1100 is almost twice the price. Does have better distortion and noise figures though. So figure that one out!
  11. Ok I'll give this a go after comparing a few tracks going back and forth. Try to put it into words too but the difference us easily noticeable. Overall for the Holo May KTE we have: Larger wider soundstage and better instrument placement, higher treble and accuracy, better low clear end bass response. Big difference is the vocal midrange offers more clarity and realism. Can hear more micro details where as the DA2 seems to miss that. For instance on Led Zeppelin - Moby dick with the fast drums. The Holo just sounded more realistic. Fast drum response, wider better soundstage, cleary picture the instrument placement, cymbal decay and blacker background. The DA2 is still a good DAC but the Holo May is superb and the difference is easily noticeable. The Holo also seems to make standard Redbook 16/44.1 sound great. Found that I don't need 24 bit or DSD to get the best out of my system. For info the rest of my system is MC462, B&W 803D3 and B&W DB1D.
  12. Sorry double-checked and the C2700 firmware is 1.04 and DA2 is 4.013. Confirmed it can play DSD fine and displays DSD128 on the front display. For reference before the update I had C2700 - 1.02 and DA2 - 4.03. Not sure why the DA2 firmware version number went lower.
  13. Well it seems now I need to take back what I said earlier. I just checked playing DSD128 to the C2700 and it actually plays it showing DSD128 on the display. I am running Roon, no upsampling, DSD over DoP and a RPi4 with Roipeeexl USB to the C2700. I hadn't checked since I got it back from the dealer since I have a Holo May KTE DAC and have been using that. Just to be clear there are two firmware types one for the whole preamp and the other for the DA2 module. For me the C2700 firmware is 4.04 and DA2 is 4.013. So if you don't have the 4.013 then maybe it is worthwhile sending it back. I had mine brand new for two weeks, then sent it off and all up it took almost 4 weeks before I got it back. McIntosh won't let you do it yourself. The local guy had issues and then had to send it interstate to the main distributer to fix. No problems since though and it has been great!
  14. DSD will only work natively if you use a windows PC as the source. If you have MacOS or Linux it won't work. I couldn't get mine to work with RPi4 or MacBook Pro16 but when I dragged out my Windows PC it did. The DA2 would not play DSD natively and played it as PCM instead. My firmware version is 4.013 which is the latest as I had it updated by the dealer late last year. Some of the older versions had issues too so might be worthwhile checking your version and updating. However this never fixed the issue above. I solved the DSD issue by using an external DAC.
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