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  1. I think this latest version sounds fabulous. I insisted on keeping the older v. going back as far as 11/2020, but I mostly idled at the 02/17 release. I decided to try the latest version and I cannot hear any negatives. All good! I have a 2 computer setup and have only updated the frontend. Sounds so good, not sure I even want to hassle with the endpoint. One thing I noticed regarding irq that made a huge difference in my system is isolating the eth0 and eth1 on the frontend computer. Thanks Z for the continued support with all things euphony.
  2. Doesn’t the SU-2 have a clock output that can be used instead of the Cybershaft T? According to the manual there is a variety of settings.
  3. All these different options need to be tested in your system to determine what sounds best. It can be a hassle and cost some extra money but it’s the only way to know for sure. YMMV!
  4. If anyone has the desire to take out a gizmo (or two) to hear what the filters bring on their own I think that could be interested. I have two sets coming on Wednesday and I will try and advise, assuming that they make a difference in my system.
  5. It looks like the Asus Motherboard you picked doesn’t have a Pcie expansion slot so If you want to use an upgraded nic or usb card (or both) you will need a pcie to m.2 adapter which isn’t ideal. Either way, the Farad should power the 65 i7. I have one powering an 65 i5. I think most are using stylus with a single pc. I have both full and endpoint Euphony license and have run both single and bridged setups. I agree that if you are using lower power pc’s, ‘bridged’ is the way to go. That being said, I have never had or felt the need for an optimized high power system running Eup
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