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  1. Where do we send our clocks fo get recalibrated and how often should this be done? Any idea on costs?
  2. Where does using a separate endpoint in bridge mode come in?
  3. Wait, Are you disappointed that the deception was revealed or are you disappointed that it happened in the first place. Can’t be both, btw.
  4. .....But certainly not surprised. This isn’t about disclosing trade offers but more about trade deception.
  5. Are you in the USA?

    1. Rsbrsvp


      no.  Israel..

  6. While it’s pretty easy to experiment with these settings on the fly, I haven’t seen any comments on frontend/endpoint core settings for reference. I have a 4 core nuc/frontend and a 2 core Mitec 170 for endpoint. Anyone have creative settings that work?
  7. I would take a good look at the Lyngdorf lineup. I went straight from a 50k digital front end mated with a 30k preamp to the Lyngdorf MP-50 and I am enjoying the system more than ever.
  8. I would find some nice concrete pillars, height to suit, then go from there with whatever brackets you like and anchor them in.
  9. If you ever get a chance, try disconnecting your internet from your system all together if you haven't yet. This is pretty much the trend now and streaming Qubuz,, etc. sounds so much better without.
  10. IWell at the very least, no harm done. Last night I was streaming Qobuz and came upon a fantastic live performance recording that just blew me away. Sound was spot on, but more important I was rockin’ out. I wasn’t able to put in the filter until just before dinner tonight. I decided to do some tidying up at the same time which meant me unplugging, plugging and shifting stuff around. I dropped the needle and streamed another(different) live performance and I was again immediately transported, seemingly quicker than usual, and the analytical perception was that there were less bo
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