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  1. My understanding is, MoFi is very conservative, and the SACD format is still a kind of copy protection. Their second format is vinyl. The prices for an album are not exactly low. Downloads would need a different calculation.
  2. Many excellent Juilliard Quartet releases on Qobuz from Feb 14, all in 24 bit This is one of them. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Rhoda Scott Movin' Blues [24/48] Hammond B3 Qobuz, fresh release Amazing piece of music!
  4. I did not post an album of the evening due to a lack of time since weeks. Please have mercy now with me. 😉 Fazil Say Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas [24/96] Qobuz I absolutely was not sure when I heard it for the first time, but now I love it. A modern approach by Fazil Say on one hand, but sure not too technical or abstract on the other.
  5. Vilde Frang Paganini - Schubert [24/96] Qobuz Excellent album
  6. Title: New Year Concert 1992 Artist: Carlos Kleiber
  7. I ignored the Bertrand Chamayou - Saint-Saëns: Piano Concertos No.2, No.5 & Piano Works [24/96]. That was a mistake, many thanks - and have some great days!
  8. Peter Schreier, Staatskapelle Dresden (Otmar Suitner) Mozart: Arien (Peter Schreier) [24/96] Recorded 1967 One of the very, very best! 😢
  9. Mitsuko Uchida Beethoven Piano Concertos 1-5 [24/48] Qobuz
  10. Berliner Philharmoniker (Kirill Petrenko) Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.6 “Pathétique” [24/192] 2017 I am not very experienced in Tchaikovskys symphonies so eventually me opinion is not a statement: I like their musical performance. Sound quality wise it is an absolute reference!
  11. Ronald Brautigam Haydn: Early Divertimento Sonatas for Keyboard, Nos. 1-20 [24/44] BIS from 2003 Qobuz I just enjoy this!
  12. I started with Ray Brown - Soular Energy in 180gr finest vinyl. It was back in 1989 and I was young. To be honest, I absolutely did not understand the music.
  13. Johanna Martzy Bach Sonatas & Partitas (Johanna Martzy) [24/352] Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London by EMI Records 1955 Download: High Definition Tape Transfers This one was new to me, even though I have many versions of Bach's 'Sei Solo'. Excellent interpretation and very good SQ!
  14. Isabelle Faust Mozart Violin Concertos [24_96] I'm lovin' it!
  15. ... and there is a 24/192 version on Qobuz, not the Deluxe, the other one. But AP is good too, agree. 🤜🤛
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