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  1. Hi Guys, if you are dissatisfied with the visual appearance or the functionality of the PowerDACs please send a comment to [email protected] Thank you Matt
  2. @hopkins Is there a future for the ECD non-PowerDAC products or will these be discontinued? Wiill they get DAPI and other improvements as well? Thanks Matt
  3. I mean with no connectors on the backside you have freedom to place it on the wall or flat on top of a rack or vertical. Matt
  4. Haha, I think they would not have to change so much to get more people happy. Some basic things, perhaps they get it up to the end of the year. No connectors at the back would be a first step. Matt
  5. Something like that would be nice, it is a speaker but anyway..... https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/speakers/beosound-level?variant=beosound-level-gva-natural-dark-grey Matt
  6. If the vertical shape is a must be I would accept it, but then with the inputs and outputs on the sides so you have the option to mount it at the wall between the speakers. Matt
  7. Of course, so they should have something what is mostly accepted. This design looks like a computer screen from the last century. :-( Matt
  8. Maybe they can hire an product designer for the final shape of the PowerDACs. Would be very nice. 😀 Matt
  9. I dislike the visual appearance, I would prefer one not standing but flat with the cooling fins on top. That would be - at least in my understanding - be even better since the heat can dissipate more evenly upwards. I hope they change that in the final execution or offer a second variant. I would definitely not like to have it in my living room. Matt
  10. I assume the development of the PowerDAC-R is more advanced since they did not post pictures of the PowerDAC-S. Matt
  11. Considering the speaker version of the PowerDAC the digital side and the amplification aspects are nearly impossible to separate since both are integral parts of the concept. So the speaker PowerDAC is also nearly impossible to compare to other DACs since I am not aware of other manufacturers offering a similar product. I agree, comparisons might be possible with the HP PowerDAC. Matt
  12. Haha, to bring a PowerDAC Extreme they must have first a standard PowerDAC for speakers which makes music....... Matt
  13. Do not worry, ECD can change a lot in short periods of time :-) Matt
  14. From diyaudio: "We plan to offer an affordable medium power entry level version that is primarily intended to be used with (pre) amps but is powerful enough to directly drive 32 ... 600 Ohm headphones. Prototype is already up and running and is being thoroughly tested." Matt
  15. This might be the case, the proof is in the listening. Matt
  16. Just a small addendum: The PowerDACs seem to work completely in the digital domain up to the speaker or HP outputs, there is no analog amplification involved. Matt
  17. This would be contrary to all what they mentioned on diyaudio. ECD dislike active amplification. TBH, in my understanding both PowerDACs work with the same principle, the only difference is that the HP PowerDAC is not able to drive speakers, it will be probably limited to output to HP with minimum of 32 Ohms impedance. Matt
  18. This might be exactly what @mevdinc had in mind. Matt
  19. If you mean the APL streamer it is based on Auralic tech but with APL LPSs. So it is not hard to imagine that the Engineered card plus SJ PS is superior. Matt
  20. In my understanding the RE580D is dual band. From the specs the RE650 is much superior but does not have the option to connect an external PS like the RE580D. Matt
  21. I like WiFi and do not think that hardwired is better at any distance. According to the posts on this thread there seems to be consensus to separate the WAP from the devices and connect both with wired ethernet of fiber. I think it is remarkable when a high end cable manufacturer prefers WiFi to longer runs of their own ethernet cable. What I would like to see is a valid comparison of 2,4GHz radio vs 5GHz radio strictly from a SQ perspective with only one of the radios active. Matt
  22. Please, can you disclose your set-up with USB to have some data point as reference. Thank you. Matt
  23. Thanks for the pictures. CH Precision seem to use the eRED-MOD only and not the complete eRED solution. So the complete CH Precision ethernet board might be much superior to the Wattson Emerson. Maybe someone can feed CH Precision C1 with the AES output of Wattson Emerson and compare to the Ethernet input of CH. Matt
  24. I would like to know which board do get CH Precision, Dartzeel and Audiomat. I assume they all need I2S connectivity and possibly one with at least the specs of the Emerson board. (BTW, I think it is a pity that Emerson does not provide I2S) Can you shed some light on this? Thanks Matt
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