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  1. I do not think so. AFAIK, they said they will never do anything with streaming. Matt
  2. Please, can you provide a link to this converter box? Thanks Matt
  3. @cjf When using HAPI in a two channel DAC configuration only can you assign four DACs for L and four DACs for R with Aneman? If yes, would this sound better than using just one DAC (out of eight) for L and one for R? Thanks Matt
  4. I am just curious, did you compare Yggy AES vs. Yggy Unison USB? BTW, waiting for Spotify Hifi as well. Thanks Matt
  5. To end this debate you would want a comparison of say a basic laptop to a real TOTL source like the best Laufer Memory Player or a Taiko Extreme. Matt
  6. No official disclosure so far? Matt
  7. What are exactly the differences between PowerDAC S1 and S2? Thanks Matt
  8. I am waiting as well. Spotify come up with a new version of their desktop app for Mac about every week, but so far no lossless.... Matt
  9. There is a big thread on WBF which is certainly able to answer your questions. Matt
  10. I said "very good", not very expensive. Matt
  11. I have absolutely no affiliation with Taiko but one can take a RPi and can compare it in the Taiko showroom..... Matt
  12. The Taiko is optimed for USB output and works best with an XMOS based USB receiver board in the DAC, not something like Amanero. Certainly I would use with it a very good XMOS based USB to optical converter. Matt
  13. For the purpose of this discussion you can easily replace the Taiko with something like the Laufer Memory Player 64 which is in a similar price range. At least there are contributors here with PowerDACs or Fractal DACs who seem to be more familiar with the Memory Players than with the Taiko. Matt
  14. It is always the same question with "source immunity": Does the 30k music server sound like a laptop or the laptop like the 30k music server or do they meet somewhere in the middle? In all three cases we have "source immunity". Matt
  15. @realDHT The standard PowerDAC-R has a real big heatsink, however your modification seems not to need one, at least not such a big one. Please, can you shed some light on this? Thanks Matt
  16. There is also a digital player from Musician: MUSICIAN (musician-audio.com) Matt
  17. So DVC of JRiver is superior to VC of the PD? Matt
  18. Please, can you shed some light on why such a HF clock is needed in the PowerDAC? Thanks Matt
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