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  1. Funny you mentioned KEF LS50. I actually just bought a pair of the new LS50 Wireless II that sell for $2500. The guy was moving and sold them to me for $1200. And since I don’t need a receiver to run these, I was able to go over me set speaker budget.
  2. New to the forum so forgive me if something like this has been asked and answered a million times. I’m looking at getting a pair of floor standing speakers. They are going to be the basis for a 2.1 system that will be about 50/50 movies and music, including vinyl (so pretty much everything). I’m looking to spend about $800 or less. I’m open to new or used speakers. I’ve seen a lot of used speakers that originally retailed for a lot more selling in my price range. My question is it better to be these used speakers or new ones that are selling in my price range?
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