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  1. I'm very interested in a comparison of the N20 and W20se. Does anyone here have thoughts or experiences to share? Currently have N10, which I like, going to Benchmark DAC3B (which I also like), but considering an upgrade to one of the above. Thanks in advance!
  2. I guess I don't understand what this really means. As I understand things currently, this would not make any difference with my Benchmark DAC 3B. Is that right?
  3. Another question for Ponzi (others welcome to chime in too of course): are your experiences with the W20SE using the upsampling capacity? How does this feature compare with the standard feed?
  4. Thanks for sharing, Ponzi. Nice to have some ears here!
  5. Sorry about the lengthy quote -- dumb newbie error. But I did have a question for Ponzi or anyone else with experience re the new W20 SE. I have the N10 also. It feeds an all Benchmark system into Thiel 3.7 speakers. I like the N10, but am now wondering about the W20SE. Reading between the lines in the Harley review and some other remarks here hints at a softening or "rounding" of transients. Has anyone with the W20SE noticed this? I would not want anything like that. I'm a (semi) retired classical musician, been around acoustic music all my life, wife has Steinway in the next roo
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