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  1. Peter, thanks for the reply. Tried using a coax cable and got the Enya MQA to be recognized at 96 kHz, but not with the USB. There is some kind of handshake problem between the U1 Mini and my Hegel DAC with Leedh turned on. I’ll continue to experiment with settings, I’m enjoying the U1 Mini. Regards, Keith W
  2. The Dac in my amp is an MQA Dac. I tested the Enya “Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)” MQA Album and Polarity- “An Acoustic Jazz Project” MQA Album U1 Mini Firmware 13.4a -Volume Control Off -Leedh Off -re-sampling set to off. -MQA set to Digital Out -Using Lumin App to pay Tidal MQA Enya “Dark Sky Island (Deluxe)” album the Lumin App and Front panel shows MQA 96 kHz 24 bit. Front Panel of my Hegel H390 shows MQA 96 kHz. playing the same Enya MQA album with Leedh turned on. -volume control On - Leedh turned on - volume set to
  3. Peter, I’m using a Hegel H390 amp which plays MQA. I’m using a USB cable between the U1 Mini and The Hegel. As I stated in my post, with Leedh turned off MQA files are played whether processed by the U1 Mini or with Passthrough to the Hegel, the display on the amp shows the correct resolution for the MQA file. But with Leedh turned on I do not seem to be getting MQA play back. When I turn on Leedh, the MQA files, 96 kHz, 192 kHz or even 358.2 kHz shows on the Lumin App and on the display of of the U1 Mini, but shows as 44.1 mHz on my Amp.
  4. Hi As a new owner of a Lumin U1 Mini I have a question around the use of Leedh Volume Control, apologies if already answered. When streaming Tidal MQA files without Leedh on, with MQA decoded by the U1 Mini or Passthrough my DAC in my integrated amp displays the MQA resolution 96kHz, 192kHz etc.. When I stream the same MQA file with Leedh turned on it my integrated amp display does not show MQA and resolution is 44.1 kHz. Do I need to change a setting, or is MQA not processed at its native resolution when Leedh is enabled? I don't want to st
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