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  1. Yes, it does put a significant amount of strain on the connectors in the equipment and cable as well. That is why I am paying attention to every cable and joint as over time, it can cause it to bend.
  2. With the Mutec added, I have a fair amount of clutter with all these massive cables from Sablon, Jena Labs and dual HF CT-2 in Schroeder configuration. Anyone else deal with this amount of clutter and any suggestions on how to manage this? My space is very limited. I just don't want to get tired of all the cables and start selling someday. Music sounds great! BTW, I can confirm now that both the tx-usb ultra and the network switch have the solid green light.
  3. Have to look if the tx-usb also has the green light visible through the vents
  4. Rajiv is right. I just tested it and May also responded yesterday. The solid green LED shows that a reboot is not needed. The mutec takes a long time to boot. About a minute I think?
  5. Interesting point. I can only clock 2 right now until the 75ohm mod is done. So I will choose the tx usb and switch.
  6. Folks, My Mutec Ref10 SE120 arrived. Plugged it into the system and everything sounds great. I have not done an A-B test with mutec on and off. However, I am curious is there a way to check if the clocks are indeed working as intended, meaning, that the sotm-sms 200 ultra neo, tx-usbl ultra and sotm switch are all clocked properly and indeed the external clock is the one that is used? Currently, only the sms-ultra and the tx-usb ultra are clocked with the mutec as it has only 2 50 ohm outputs. The sms-ultra is going to be sent back to change to 75 ohms. For all other component
  7. In room response is fairly good after I had matched the gains on the tube amp and SS amp. Yes, there is a bit of a dip at 200Hz, but I really am trying to avoid another filter in the signal path. As clean and as short as I can keep it, the better. Even putting a pre-amp I am avoiding as the Chord TT2 as a pre-amp does very well and sound clean.
  8. Thank you. I just checked and there is no continuity. Attaching pics. Just want to make sure I did the right test. I basically ensured contact to the metal ends. Is this right? Since there is no conductivity, is there still a concern?
  9. I definitely want to give Euphony a try. The USB Audio on my NEO is not working. Strangely it coincided with the Roon 1.8 update. I have no clue why that would render the NEOs USB audio non functional. I spent several hours debugging and based on inputs from May I think something is wrong with USB audio. The other two USBs on the NEO are working. I am curious if anyone else ran into this issue. I am sending it back to SoTM to get it fixed, shorten the clock cable and convert it to 75 ohms. The Mutec ref10 SE120 arrived in the country. I should get it sometime next week. Since the USB Audio is
  10. I am pleasantly surprised with all the PMs I have received and all the support all of you have offered me so far. Thank you friends as we all have this common passion 😀 I was asked a few times about my setup, so I updated my profile to include the details. Here is the overview. HiFi Music System: SOtM sNH-10G sCLK-EX 50Ohm special edition, i7NUC Roon, Chord Hugo TT2 DAC, Chord Mscaler, SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo Special Edition 50Ohm, tX-USBultra special edition 50Ohm, Line Magnetic LM519ia Single Ended Triode amplifier (Psvane 845 tubes, Telefunken 12ax7 smooth plate vintage, Amp
  11. Thank you John. In your post in this thread, you shed some more light What exactly are the mods needed to a motherboard and which motherboard exactly are you using? If I buy a fanless NUC like this one https://www.onlogic.com/computers/nuc/?cpsrc=Search_Alpha_A&kw=fanless nuc&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvbiBBhD-ARIsAGM48bzjMIlvs2ESx8rtGnImdFiw3LH-eVskMcfjP6j6IS0GZQ4HeQEds5QaAjCjEALw_wcB will I be able to still use the sCLK-EX to achieve the clocking? Please let me know what do I need to look for in the mobo for this mod? Thanks a lot!
  12. I would like to give Euphony a try. Is there any device that can run Euphony server with an external clock capability? In other words, has anyone tried a Fanless NUC with external clock or something similar?
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