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    i can imagine, but i already have a streamer / dac, and i was reading that using some as nas improves the streamer sound, then i don't know anything else
  2. simon68


    @bobfa I would use it only as a network nas, to be connected directly between the switch and the streamer.
  3. simon68


    does anyone know the differences between the various Nas Melco, N1A, N1A / 2 and N1ZH etc., especially in sound performance, considering that I'm using a normal Nas Synology, thanks for the answers
  4. hello everyone, a tip for a dac or streamer / dac, to be placed in a system consisting of Gryphon Diablo 300 and Mojo speakers. I am currently going with Naim NDS and I was looking for something better and above all more synergy with Gryphon. Could it be the Diablo300 dac module? or other ? thanks
  5. @ASRMichael even better than the Diamond?? then I have to try one for real,.... do you know which model I have to ask and how much is the cost for one?
  6. Hi everyone, in your experience, to connect the switch to the dac / streamer, what are the differences between an Audioquest Vodka and a Sablon? thanks for the replies
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