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  1. @hopkins I do think that a lot of extra information has been disclosed on this incident, plus some speculation; but don't forget that this really began to kick off when PaulHynes version of events started to get responded to by various people on the other side of the story who were seeing it quite differently. Ideally PHD Ltd would have announced it was closed and going into liquidation on its own website and Paul would only have needed to link to that and let ppl know what is going on. Instead we got his version of events and that has led to the long conversation and I notice that
  2. I would love to get hold of the financials from PHD Ltd. I am a qualified accountant, have run my own Ltd company before, have audited etc... Honestly, its a cash up front business, its not hard to work out if its running out of money... Selling more PSUs when you are close to running out of cash, is basically borrowing from Peter to pay Paul... You kick the can down the road, but unless you are making some serious profit on each item sold and are seeing a healthy order book, all you are doing is shafting the new customers... For a small business its really isn't hard to keep on t
  3. Nothing about the staff being furloughed; that would have taken a lot of pressure off the company cashflow. This was widely available to small businesses in the UK.
  4. The statement from @RedundantSoul aligns with a number of other facts and I will not be prepared to just let this go. If Hynes has been taking money out of the company either through loans or as dividends and running it into the ground, then its well worth a legal case against him. The guy sounds pretty dishonest and the evidence unfortunately is pointing to that as well.
  5. I think I will get in contact (next week) with the accountants who prepared his only set of filed micro accounts and see if they are aware of the company going into liquidation. (Contact Campbell Stewart MacLennan (csmco.net)) Might be worth others doing the same thing. When i liquidated my personal company that i used for contract work, my accountants recommended the liquidation specialists. But due to the COVID situation in the UK, the liquation process, which is normally around 6months for a simple liquidation, has now pushed passed 15months... Delays with HMRC (uk g
  6. Like I said, something seems really off about all this. It doesn't come across as a business being run in a competent and honest manner. If we don't see the company officially in liquidation by the end of the month, then its time to get the authorities involved.
  7. Well i am well over £700 in the hole with this guy. His company is a one director setup for his own personal business; so he is 100% responsible for it. As a director he has a duty of care to the company and its creditors, one which is myself. If the company has been mismanaged, then the directors can be held to account; fined etc etc. Barred from being a director again. I took a look at the company financials from 2020 and it was clearly insolvent back then and should have been put into liquidation. He should not have been taking money up front from people
  8. Upgraded my network ahead of my EtherREGEN and bought a pair of Finisar SFP+ modules: FTLX1475D3BTL So my network is: Internet/NAS > Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN (FTLX1475D3BTL) > Commscope Optical Cable (FFWLCLC42-JXF020) > EtherREGEN (FTLX1475D3BTL) > dCS Bartok The Mikrotik has replaced an EE 8Switch and a BJC Cat6a cable. So my setup was already pretty good and it still sounds fantastic. Just need to summon up the courage to do an A/B comparison to see if there is an audible difference, because if its there in all honesty is fairly subtle.
  9. Went with a Mikrotik CRS112-8G-4S-IN in the end. I was after SFP ports and not the SFP+ so I can try the 10G Finisar SFP+ modules. Mikrotik(1G)+FinisarSFP(10G) > 5m optical cable (Singlemode) > FinisarSFP(10G)+EtherREGEN(1G) If the Mikrotik SFPs were 10G then the signal across the Finisar's would be 10G and the EtherREGEN wouldnt have been able to process it and connect via its SFP.
  10. Thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated. 👍👍👍
  11. I have been interested in trying the Buffalo BS-GS2016 and hooking it up to my EtherREGEN via SFP (optical); but being in the UK (or Europe) means that this switch has been unavailable for quite some time. It should be £100 or less; but at the moment all I see are ones from Japan (via ebay) at £220+ and that's before taking account of tax and duty. So I was wondering if there is a similar alternative that people have been trying instead (but not the ridiculously priced Melco/Dela S100). Thanks Jon
  12. Yes I waited for over a week once I had the Giesemann before attempting any kind of comparison. 👍
  13. The percentages are relative, I dont try and define the absolute differences in SQ. Bartok with standard ethernet input sounds really good already. So we are talking incremental improvements. So I tested a base setup and with everything in the network to establish if the ER+Giesemann made a noticeable difference. It does and I called this increase 100%. The 20% was only my attempt to do the following: Base setup: 0% (arbitrary value; but sounds excellent) add ER: 80% (my attempt at describing how much ER contributes to overall improveme
  14. @skatbelt I did make sure I totally powered down the Bartok when i was changing the network setup; trying to ensure nothing stored is just being reused, since i was using one track to test for differences. I just finished testing the setup with the EtherREGEN and then with and without the Giesemann EVA; and it does add some additional depth, vibrancy etc to the music; an improvement. I would say the EtherREGEN is delivering at least 70+% of the uplift and then the clock adds a little more; say 20-30%. On paper the Giesemann EVA is a higher spec than the standard REF10, but I am no
  15. Network diagram below. First test was to remove the whole EtherREGEN/Giesemann layer from the network and go straight from the EE 8Switch to the Bartok. This is my reference sound. Next I went to the full EtherREGEN+Giesemann/filter setup and the difference is very noticeable. The amount of depth in the music increases significantly. You arent concentrating hard to hear the difference, its very obvious. More to the music, sounds more vibrant and I tend to associate this with reduction in noise floor and I really notice better separation, bass and vocals in particular.
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