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  1. So I have a 4114 source already. Do i need to stick to another 4114 or can i also pick up a 4210. Looks to be almost the same chip and there are plenty of Intel chips around where the difference in the model number is more about binning than a change in CPU.
  2. Many thanks to all of you for the replies, much appreciated 🙂
  3. I am starting to source the parts for the 4114/Sage build at the moment. CPUs and Motherboard are easy to get hold of, I will wait and see what Taiko make available in terms of case and ATX DC-DC (registered interest). Ram is more of a challenge. Can anyone recommend a European seller of the Apacer ECC ram? Thanks
  4. An older thread, but an interesting one. I have moved my music out of my PC and onto a separate NAS drive. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, or similar, grounding on a NAS drive and found there to be a SQ improvement?
  5. @Nenon Just a thought on the size of the case... If you do go with the bigger case then something like my Atacama rack, which is 600mm x 400mm, wouldn't quite be deep enough. However, I do have space for a component to overhang at the back. But in order to do that safely then the feet of the component need to be inside the 600x400 footprint of the shelf. So a few options on where to place the feet of the case on the chassis would be useful to some. 🙂 and i don't know about the rest of you but I am already building up my server funds so i am ready when
  6. I have also registered my interest... 👍
  7. A bit of reading and it seems that both USB and Ethernet are an option for using with the dCS DACs, which is good to know. Looking around at these ASUS Sage motherboards and the Intel Silver CPUs, they come up second hand quite a bit, so with a little patience two CPUs and a mobo can be bought at quite a discount... Something to think about.
  8. @nenon and @matthias thanks for your comments. I will go over and do some additional research 🙂
  9. I recently joined up on AS, but i have been building computers and into audio for many years now. My journey has really been focused on building headphone systems and at the moment i am lucky enough to own a dCS Bartok and Rossini Master Clock which i use to drive Hifiman HE1000SE and also Focal Stellia's. My music sits on a QNAP NAS, powered by a Teradak and my DAC, clock, NAS and EE 8 Switch are all plugged into an AQ Niagara 3000. The Niagara has an AQ Hurricane power cable and the Bartok and clock are using Chord Signature power cables So my journey has taken my qu
  10. I have heard they are looking at their ethernet boards, yes. Waiting to see what they have planned. Ethernet version of the Phoenix or an update to the Zenith etc.
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