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  1. The bot needs an ai system upgrade
  2. I like to use the same brand cables in my system that the musicians used during the recording session
  3. poor system hygiene can be infectious
  4. The soundtrack to Judy Chicago's Dinner Party
  5. I didn't know that tubes change the heater current (voltage??) to track the input levels. No wonder they're slow.
  6. harmonic distortion is lower?
  7. What do tubes sound like? What qualities are present in the sound? (I don't care about how that happens, I just want to know what you hear)
  8. batteries always produce noise - maybe you can't hear it but it might still sub-liminally affect your listening enjoyment
  9. your amp is made of cables, and the DAC chip is made of tiny lil cables too give me that!
  10. Cables are the most important components in your system!
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