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  1. Interestingly, no mention of the Amanero-based USB input on this model.
  2. Hi there. You may find some useful information in the "network bridging" section of this thread: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/30376-a-novel-way-to-massively-improve-the-sq-of-computer-audio-streaming/?tab=comments#comment-613370 Good luck!
  3. Selling my SPS-500 power supply with 30cm 7N UPOCC Silver Y-cable and my tX-USBultra regenerator with 50ohm master clock connector. I am the original owner, and purchased these from Crux Audio in June 2018. These are configured for 9v power. SPS-500 retails for $500 and the silver Y-cable retails for $400. The tX-USBultra retails for $1190. Asking $1500 for all three plus shipping and paypal fees (if any). Will consider selling the tX-USBultra separately if the set does not sell after a few days, but would like to keep the power supply and its custom y-cable togethe
  4. As classy as it was hilarious. Well played! 👍🤣
  5. Item has been sold. Asking price lowered to $625 shipped to US addresses.
  6. I apologize for not following up on this. Last night I finally found the solution. In my case, the file had to be unzipped twice - once with WinZIP and once with 7-ZIP. I don't understand how this circumstance occurred, but I'm very happy to have stumbled on the solution. It was so frustrating I actually made a youtube video to spare others who may run in to the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty_HN2gqJtQ Octaviars, very interesting about the browser making a difference. As it happens, I use Firefox almost exclusively. I wonder why the browser would make a diff
  7. I've spent nearly 60 hours trying to update my firmware to 0.4.59. I'm having to use the "recovery instructions" because updating through enuhasu freezes at 92% and won't finish. I've gone back and forth with engineers at Passmark about why the image won't write, and one engineer noticed from my screenshot that the .img file is almost the same size as the zipped file. He said when he unzipped the file it was just under 8GB. So, can someone here please tell me the size of the 0.4.59 file after unzipping, and what Windows software you used to unzip? I've used WinRAR, W
  8. Are MoCa adapters an option for you? Might be your best bet.
  9. ... aaaaand that's the last time I sip my morning coffee while reading this thread. I'm now having to clean spewed coffee off my monitor! Well played, sir!
  10. I read somewhere that the Neo upgrade costs $30 and the new (optional) faceplate costs $80. The (sole, to my knowledge) US dealer just quoted me a flat cost of $200 without further explanation. Did SOtM decide to raise the price and make the new faceplate mandatory?
  11. May from SOtM is already on record as saying the Neo is less dynamic that the to-be-discontinued 200ultra. They sacrificed dynamics for a warmer tonal balance. Everything SOtM has said about the Neo indicates this is a lateral move designed to get them closer to the sonic signature the company wants. That's great, but it begs the question of why they didn't make the board responsible for the change in sonic signature an option so they don't lose the crowd that desires a more neutral rendition.
  12. Precisely. They should make this board a no-cost option to the existing model.
  13. This is consistent with the other things SOtM has said about the Neo. It does not appear to be an upgrade; it is merely a sonic rebalance, making the unit more "tube like." There are plenty of folks, especially in the younger crowd, who prefer sonic neutrality, so I don't understand why they are discontinuing the current models. Nothing SOtM has said thus far moves me to ship my unit across the continent for refitting, even if the conversion were reversable. Perhaps there will be more to the change than SOtM is saying. We can hope! :)
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