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  1. aggielaw

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    Are MoCa adapters an option for you? Might be your best bet.
  2. aggielaw

    Sonore ultraRendu

    ... aaaaand that's the last time I sip my morning coffee while reading this thread. I'm now having to clean spewed coffee off my monitor! Well played, sir!
  3. aggielaw

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    I read somewhere that the Neo upgrade costs $30 and the new (optional) faceplate costs $80. The (sole, to my knowledge) US dealer just quoted me a flat cost of $200 without further explanation. Did SOtM decide to raise the price and make the new faceplate mandatory?
  4. May from SOtM is already on record as saying the Neo is less dynamic that the to-be-discontinued 200ultra. They sacrificed dynamics for a warmer tonal balance. Everything SOtM has said about the Neo indicates this is a lateral move designed to get them closer to the sonic signature the company wants. That's great, but it begs the question of why they didn't make the board responsible for the change in sonic signature an option so they don't lose the crowd that desires a more neutral rendition.
  5. aggielaw

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    Precisely. They should make this board a no-cost option to the existing model.
  6. This is consistent with the other things SOtM has said about the Neo. It does not appear to be an upgrade; it is merely a sonic rebalance, making the unit more "tube like." There are plenty of folks, especially in the younger crowd, who prefer sonic neutrality, so I don't understand why they are discontinuing the current models. Nothing SOtM has said thus far moves me to ship my unit across the continent for refitting, even if the conversion were reversable. Perhaps there will be more to the change than SOtM is saying. We can hope! :)
  7. Apologies for the silly question, but at what point should I be able to see the SOtM 200 in network connections? I only see the two adapters on the Windows 10 computer's motherboard in the network connections. I also cannot reach the SOtM using http://eunhasu when connected directly to the Win10 computer. Don't know if that's telling of anything. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
  8. I'm trying to bridge connections in Windows 10. However, when I open network connections I only see the two ethernet adapters on my motherboard. Do I need to use a crossover cable to physically connect the unused ethernet adapter to the ultraRendu or SOtm 200ultra to bridge them? I have both devices wired to my router presently. Thanks!
  9. Interesting! Silver has long been known as much for its "speed" as for its tendency for brightness. Perhaps this explains why the "pace, rhythm, and timing" audiophiles sometimes discuss is usually excellent with silver cables.
  10. I've read several posts indicating there are mR or uR owners here who have tried both the SPS and the Sbooster, but I don't see any direct comparisons between the two. Thoughts on the differences between the two with either mR or uR appeciated. Trying to decide on power supply for uR. Thanks!
  11. aggielaw

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Well played, my friend. Well played! Not to get off topic, but does it bother anyone else that several highly-rated DACs in the $1500-$2500 range serve other purposes like preamp or headphone amp? I heard the Benchmark DAC3 at Capital Audio Fest, and it sounded excellent. I've not heard the Mytek Brooklyn, but both companies have invested money in an amplifier section for headphones, and even without hearing any of the units logic tells me a single-function unit such as the Holo Spring DAC or LKS MH-D004 should be, and probably are, better values. I understand the reasons companies do this, but it dissuades me from buying their product. I guess that's why I bought a uR, right? It does one thing, and does it darn well!
  12. aggielaw

    Sonore ultraRendu

    I've wondered about how much influence the uR has on the sound as well, especially when I hear people saying Jriver sounds better than Roon, or Roon sounds better with HQPlayer than by itself and so forth. I have a DAC that is extraordinarily revealing, and my system now sounds just a bit "edgy" and needs a bump in the 250-750Hz range. Easily enough corrected with the parabolic EQ in Roon, but it leads me to wonder what is influencing the sound the most - the software, the general purpose computer acting as a Roon server, the uR, or the DAC.
  13. aggielaw

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Thanks! Got Bubbleupnp running today. This weekend I will go ahead and start my 60-day Roon trial, although I balk at the price.
  14. aggielaw

    Sonore ultraRendu

    May I ask a stupid question? I just received my Ultrarendu today. I have three copies of all my music: one external USB hard drive, one hard drive attached to my router as NAS; and one hard drive in my primary desktop computer. My router can function as a DLNA server. I would like to use my tablet to control playback. I'd like the ability to upsample to DSD as well. How do I do these two things? Thanks! HC
  15. Thanks for your thoughts, guys! Well, I'm being tempted by DAP manufacturers now. The US distributors for SOTM and Sonore are both offering nice discounts on their products. I'm considering the SMS-200ultra from Sonore or the Ultrarendu. However, I could pick up a Cambridge Audio CXN for less than both of those. And there are others like the Cambridge that could be in play, such as offerings from Pioneer, TEAC, or Marantz. I can't find of a comparison of any of these latter type of players to the Sonore or SOTM offerings. Anyone here have any experience listening to both types of players? Thanks!