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  1. I **think** I did know these things. On point for you to say, "If I get to it". Lol. But if I do...I will absolutely ensure all switches and SFP play well with each other and my LC-LC FO cable. And also any ethernet patch cables.
  2. Again, I am going to just run the LC-LC fiber optic and Cat 6 and sort out my ongoing confusion later. I really don't need to sort it all out now. Especially, since FO is just a contingency plan. Last week I said I would review all the advice I'd rec'd and present distilled questions if further clarification was needed. I didn't have time to do the review. But I did post a bit ago, saying, "So, to make sure I understand the layout completely...." You said "yes" to my plan... But I see that in the network path using arrows (form 12.30.20) that 2960 (FMC
  3. I've not selected one yet. For now I wish to just fish the fiber optic cable at the same time I am having the the cat 6 run. In case I wish to try optical ethernet later. But wouldn't your suggested cisco 2960G be a good one?
  4. Should have started my previous post differently. Strike "And" Replace with, "So to make sure I understand the layout completely", a piece of cat cable (aka, patch cord) connects.....
  5. And a piece of cat cable (aka, patch cord) connects my ISP-provided modem/router gateway to the FMC. From there, my 30M single-mode optical cable connects to the transceiver i've plugged into the FMC and also connects to the transceiver in the FMC in my music room. I use another Cat patch cord to connect from FMC to my Innuos. Then finally, a USB cable connects my Innuos to my DAC. Correct?
  6. MarkusBarkus. That's great. Thank you. I will drill down it later and get back with you. It is easy to overthink. In broad strokes, what you present here is in line with what my acquaintance from May set out for me. I spoke with him yesterday btw and shared with him some frustrations I was having with myself for not better-understanding his instruction set. Certain things just didn't add up. I was finding incongruities and feeling dense. It was a relief when I found out that I wasn't loosing my mind. As we talked, he readily admitted he'd omitted some salient details and also simply
  7. The guy running my cables is perfectly comfortable with running it pre-terminated. Thank you also, for tips on how I can engage my ISP for better gear. If, they offer a separate modem and router option instead of the combo gateway, I would be very interested perhaps using their modem and getting my own much better-performing router. My main concern for ditching their gear completely is losing support/troubleshooting from the ISP if none of the gear is theirs anymore. The concern may be unfounded. I plan to chat with them about that. A guy I know in TX
  8. I plan to run it also. The first time anyone suggested I consider running FO instead of Cat or in addition to it (to provide a FO option later), it was LC-LC single mode duplex. And no one has poo-poo'd as a poor choice for my network based my particular situation. And, of so c-h-e-a-p. Thank you Jabbr.
  9. Thanks, MarkusBarkus, re: armored. You really fleshed it out for me and others hopefully learning a thing or two from this discussion. Uh, er, Umm. My head is exploding. Not really, but there a few "what do you mean?", "so, what your are saying is". "Wouldn't there be an option, for that?" thoughts flitting about in my head. Kidding aside, it does spur real questions like those I just used for humor. 1. Do I need to order them reversed on one end? If so, one would expect that option to be rather prominently presented along with length and color. And
  10. I did figure the LC designation referred to the connector, but that is all I knew. With respect to stringer shape and SM v MM....I can either ignore those options or maybe discuss it with a phone rep at either of the cable vendors mentioned in my previous post. With SM being so so inexpensive already, the notion that MM could possibly be lower still, seems crazy. “Green it up” Good one! Does either SM or MM have an compatibility advantage in terms of one having a broader universe of reasonably priced switches, converters, power supplies, transceivers, et
  11. MarkusBarkus, Thanks for the vendor, FS.com. The product in your link seems IDENTICAL to the one on Amazon made by Ultraspec cables. Literally looks like the same calbes in every detail based on pics. Spec-wise, same main specs: LcLc, OS2, 9/125.. The spec sheet shown at the FS site has many data points, whereas I will need to contact Ultraspec to inquire about fuller specs. Frankly, I suspect there are industry standards (like in motor oils, for example) but I could be wrong. For example, are all LC to LC 2mm like the one offered by FS.com? I just noticed
  12. 30 Meter Singlemode Duplex Fiber Optic Cable (9/125) - LC to LC - Yellow Brand: Ultra Spec Cables Hopefully my attempt to link a fiber optic cable on Amzn is successful. Will be fishing this cable and Cat 6 from Bluejean--already ordered. This cable was recommended as a good/satisfactory one. Anyone agree? Disagree? Offer alternatives? May never use the fiber, but it will be there if I want to go down that path. BTW, after taking a hard look at the length I need by actually measuring and getting in my at
  13. This topic is rich for a networking newbie like me. Please don’t anyone suspect I wish to ask questions exhaustively as If I aspire to become an IT expert (like some of you clearly are). I only mean to get about setting up my network ASAP. So, l will review all the advice I have received here and determine if I can avoid power lines in my walls and attic since that has a bearing on the switch I use. But it seems like the 2960 is a no brainer. Looking back at some of my replies this morning, I can see I need to connect some dots more cleanly and ask bette
  14. @RC1200CL, Thank you for all the links to equipment. The person who suggested some gear to me earlier this suggested a certain Cisco switch if I stayed with an all-in-one gateway like I have from comcast now. Cisco SG-112-24. $158. Aside from it being 24 ports, unless there is an advantage to this unit over the $60 one you linked....I like your suggestion. Any one else so inclined....please feel free to comment... BTW, that persons equipment suggestions were for running fiber only. He was not advising on CATX.
  15. Ooof!! I came so close to asking if my comcast gateway was indeed a switch. Make/Model: Arris. TG1682G. Unless you say this unit is just peachy, I am willing to replace it one of two ways: —buying my own —Asking Comcast to provide an upgraded unit. Costs nothing to ask. Irrespective to setting up the network for the Innuos, I have long-wished for greater WiFi range than I get now. **Only reason I’ve not bought my own so far is the concern of having to be my own tech support instead of calling comcast**. And even if issues are with
  16. I am green about this so let’s clarify “switch”. In my initial post I described what my Innuos dealer advised: Cat 6a from comcast gateway right into the back of the Zenith (albeit 125’ +/- away), Zenith connected to Lyngdforf via USB. Q1: There is no switch in that scenario, correct? Q2: is the term “switch” used rather broadly for any or most items added to the network to improve sound quality? Like a Uptone EtherRegen, for example.
  17. Plissken, none of it is in conduit. Hit you later for clarification re: the switch.
  18. Good stuff Markus. Thanks. I’m in suburbia. No industry or commercial near my house. Other homes, though. Clarification: doesn’t the “a” in 6a mean shielded? Will run fiber along with cat for future needs. Curious what streamer you gave. And curious what Harris RF is? Assuming you had to use all manner of switches, converters and such, it is helpful to know FO still removed some grunge. The idea that all those connections could (not “definitely will”) allow noise in was suggested by a friend of a friend who owns a successful computer shop and hi-end audio shop.
  19. Plissken, Really good stuff. Headed out the door, but wanted to reply quickly with thanks. I just wish to spend what someone in the know would. For instance, thanks to your guidance, I can get Cat 5e from BJ terminated (if that is what I settle on), for $87. While 6a is $195. $195 would be fine if that is the product that does the job best. And, I am absolutely willing to pay more if I know why I'm paying more: to support a local business, a person answers the phone is there are questions, etc. Thanks for mentioning power lines. I wondered about that
  20. Thank you Bobfa. May have a follow up question later. Just searched "punch-down" and found a very good video by monoprice. The person who made suggestions to me re: how to implement Fiber did mention ubiquiti gear. So, your use of it reinforces that brand for me.
  21. Hello, Finally getting into streaming. My Innuos is literally sitting at the dealers waiting for me to get my network up and running. Apologies for the long POST below. The Hi-Fi equipment and situation: My Innuos dealer suggest Cat6a from my comcast gateway (if "Gateway" is the right term for the modem/router) that is on the first floor, thru a brush plate in the music room wall, straight into the innuos on the 2nd. Distance about 125-150 feet. High quality USB form Innuos to Lyngdorf 2170 integrated with onboard DAC. DONE. However....
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