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  1. Thank you for the very detailed reply! I will check into some of those devices you mentioned. To answer your questions: How many zones do I need is a great question! I have asked for 10 but a couple are guest rooms so those are not immediate. Another one I did the game room but I am putting 5.1 in there so that is probably unnecessary. 4 downstairs and 2-3 upstairs I would say is what I need (or more specifically want). So I don't have actual blueprints but I do have the layout. Don't understand zone being home run or local completely but from my limited knowledge, I a
  2. I am building a new house. I met with the low voltage guy and agreed to prewire 10 of the rooms (ceiling speakers) for audio (haven't signed off yet). A week ago, I wasn't even aware of Sonos. Before I sign off, I really need to educate myself. I now realize Sonos isn't an option as I would have to buy 10 units at $650 each to stream each room with a different song. It is unlikely more than 1 will ever be running but I want the flexibility that 10 different songs from Pandora or some other streaming music service could run independently in 10 different rooms simultaneously and controlled fro
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