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  1. Downloaded the Apple TV app, on our Sony 85” TV and Sound Lab surround system sounds great. Thanks Chris.
  2. JXO, I connected an HDMI cable to the I2S input on the Topping D90.  Then you need to enter the setup menu by turning off the unit and pressing the mode select while turning on the unit.  On  number 8, I2S interface phase setting, select REV.  Go to 11 and save settings.  Select I2S on the mode button and you should be ready to play DSD's

  3. I bought the HDMI box on E Bay. I attached it to my Oppo 105 using the HDMI 2 output. I didn’t use an external P/S. I also used the HDMI output on the box to display video on the TV. I set the Audio out to DSD on the 105. I used the I2S output with a HDMI 2.1 cable to a Topping D90. I had to E mail the E Bay seller to get the I2S pinout. On the D90 you have to reverse the Data. Playing SACD's the D90 shows 2.8224 and DSD on the display. The sound is much improved to the stock Oppo105.
  4. Chris helped me solve the problem, I was trying to ouput the files to the Beatles Stick. Changing to Desktop fixed everything. Thanks again Chris Mogulman
  5. Newbie here, I bought the Beatles USB stick and I'm trying to convert the 24 bit Flac files to AIFF. I've followed Chris's video but when I drag the files into the conversion window and press convert I get an "error has occured " dialog box. Anybody have any suggestions? Mogulman
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