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  1. Maybe the best way to prove audio science review wrong is to do a double blind test, record it in a video then show him that you got more than 8 out of 10 right. Doing the test several times with the same results would really show him. =) note: im a noob in this but i just want to see if you would be able to take up his challenge and prove him wrong.
  2. I believe most DACS don't have an ethernet input. In this case, it would be better to put the ER before the streamer (unless the dac you are using is an integrated streamer+dac).
  3. You may also get a switch with SFP ports like the ubiquiti ES-8-150W (this is what i plan to do). However, i am still thinking if Etherregen is worth getting after watching the review of audio “science” review.
  4. Thanks. So why do they mark it as uplink? What is the difference between an uplink port and a normal port if both can be connected to another switch or directly to a PC or streamer or etc? thanks
  5. I plan to get a switch with SFP too to connect to my etherregen. However, when i read the manual, it says the SFP ports are for "uplink". Does this mean that it can only connect to another switch and not the etherregen if the SFP is for "uplink" ?
  6. @superdad - thanks for the prompt reply. I found another switch (Linksys LGS318P) which might be better since it has a 40mm fan which i can replace with a noctua silent fan. (the ubiquiti es-16-150w has 30mm fan which is hard to replace as noctua doesn't make 30mm fans) Just to double check, will this work with the Etherregen as well: Linksys LGS318P (https://www.linksys.com/us/p/P-LGS318P/) My main objective is to get a 16 port switch with POE/SFP and as silent as possible which will work with the Etherregen via fiber optic cables. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I plan to get the Etherregen. Also, i plan to get a netowork switch with SFP port to connect it to the Etherregen via fiber optic cable. Will this network switch work with Etherregen via fiber connection? (Switch = Ubiquiti ES-16-150w). Note: I live in the Philippines so there isn't that much options here. This is the switch: https://store.ui.com/collections/operator-edgemax-switches/products/edgeswitch-16-150w
  8. Anyone here using or have heard the Doge 7 tube DAC? I'm very interested in it after watching the review of Jay (The next best thing studio). I was set on getting the Denafrips Venus II but after viewing his review, i am now on the fence whether i should get the Doge 7 or the Venus II. Jay gave the Doge 7 "the best DAC award last month along with the Pontus" and yesterday on their yearly awards, he gave the "Best price no object - component award of the year" to Doge 7 tube DAC and take note, among its competitors were the Denafrips Pontus and Terminator+. I'm really
  9. Anyone here has listened to both the Denafrips Dac and the Doge 7? Im interested on his inputs on both these dacs.
  10. Wow, he really said that he wanted it over the Terminator+ ? That's a big leap he did there. Doge 7 doesn't have that much reviews though unlike denafrips.... hmmmmm
  11. Oh thanks, i didnt know that the 3x you mentioned are R2R dacs as well. I thought they were sigma delta dacs. Thanks for the headsup!
  12. creativepart - thanks for your recommendations. Yeah my room (bedroom) is rather small and its 15feet x 13feet. I will look into chord/schiit/rme but as per my readings, it seems that R2R or tube dacs might suite me better as i often listen to jazz, classical, soft music and never listen to fast, dynamic, electronic music.
  13. I am highly considering a Denafrips Venus II due to the reviews ive been reading/hearing. I love the sweet analog sound of tube amplifiers which they say is much like the denafrips r2r dacs. Anyway, I just finished buying my home theater gear and I will soon (in a couple of months) start looking into setting up my stereo system. My bedroom is only small at 18sqm (1500cuft) and I will be using a pair of B&W 805d3 as my speakers. I have no amp yet (for stereo) since im still in research mode but i am leaning towards the primaluna evo amps. My source will only be 100% Tidal and Qo
  14. Would you consider the Lumin u1 mini and the Sonore OpticalRendu a state of the art streamer that won't benefit much from the Gaia? (These are the 2x streamers i am considering for the venus II)
  15. Is there really a big difference using an iris into the mix as against venus II alone? I'm on the fence in using a DDC since i think the simpler the route the better but again, i can't argue if you actually can hear a discernable difference in sound quality. Sure wish i can borrow a DDC from someone to a/b test it but i doubt that as items are mostly unavailable here in the Philippines. (much more due to covid)
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