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  1. Interesting, I am considering the Proton too. Anyone else have any insight into the Proton DAC. I am planning on a Proton DAC and a Creek Destiny amp though I don't know of any dealers that have both so I won't be able to listen to the combination before I get buy them. I was talking to a dealer recently that sold both the Proton and the Nova who preferred the Proton but he didn't have them both in while I was in town. It is hard work isn't it. I'm putting together an entirely new system which is super difficult when it comes to matching components. The speakers are set, I'm having a pair of Zaph audio speakers made for me, the 2 way ones with scanspeak revelator 6.5 inch drivers, the rest of the components though are not decided yet. I was set on the Nova but after some investigating I think a Proton DAC and Creek Destiny amp may be a better solution for not a ridiculous increase in cost.
  2. I'm thinking a wavelength proton and a ex demo creek evolution amp (900 dollars and about 500 dollars) could be a better option for only a bit more money. I had a listen to the nova the other day with some good speakers and though it sounded good I wasn't overly impressed. NOthing wrong with it, just very normal sounding.
  3. Hate to make my first post a gripe, it is a good site that I have got a lot of information from, but.... I've been looking forward to this review for a while and I was quite disappointed, it's almost like you don't want to take the Nova seriously. I know the audiophile world does need to chill out a bit but your tone with this review reads like you don't want to be serious about a component thats only 1200 dollars so you emphasize the "fun" aspects of it whatever that means. If you mean it's more musical than say a Bryston DAC then tell us if it's amp section is lacking detail but has a nice warmth or whatever then tell us. I wish I had 1200 dollars to throw at it for a bit of "fun" but to be honest I want a dac and amp that can give me the best sounding music for the price. If that is the case tell me but also tell me where it lacks. Basically, give me a review. I'm sure you wouldn't have reviewed a more expensive "more serious" component this way. I'm sure your intentions where noble and I do appreciate the idea of getting back to the idea of listening to the music and not the box but if you could give us a little more information on your view on how this unit performs then it would be very much appreciated by many of us. 1200 dollars is not much in many peoples audio budgets but it's a lot for me and I take spending that amount seriously. <br /> -Thanks
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