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  1. Thanks for the very fast reply. You are right, it is indeed the spdif/coax part of my dac. I have the same issue with my cd player, strangly on both channels; my dac has two spdif inputs. I'll aim my acquisitions toward Advance acoustic, hope this will be an easy fix. Thanks for the advice! Bram
  2. Hello, I have the Allo digione signature for a few moths now and up until now I'm very happy with it. I use it with volumio and mainly as roon endpoint. Its connected by coax to a build in dac from my Advance acoustic Pre-x and powered by the Ashanti. The cable I used for several months was a van den hul 75ohm coax cable. I'm switching it out and was testing an audioquest green and a Chord clearway. During my testing of both cables, switching back and forth, my digi one signature suddenly refused duty. I only hear a very faint signal on the left channel along witch some overal static, c
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