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  1. Optane can be used are regular SSD, at least I was able to on a previous MB. Somehow my latest MB does not recognize it or I would have used it to boot the OS from.
  2. we discussed DIY USB cables a while ago, I just stumbled across a Viborg male USB A and B connectors (Audiophonics), no idea how they perform but their pure copper Schuko connectors are my favorites.
  3. If that SSD survives with regular use it should definitely be OK in a music server (provided you plan on using it for that). I have one, and it sounds better than a previous SSD, not near as good as Optane or the Femto NVME I'm using.
  4. Parts are ordered, the wait begins
  5. Yeah you are right, I am on the right track now thanks for your help and thanks to Emile who gave some advice (email). Once I did the manual calculation my suspicion of user error was confirmed, it took a bit to understand where I went wrong....the answer was ; in too many places to make that analysis an easy one. It's hard to to learn an old dog a new trick ;-) I'll order a transformer and chokes from my supplier now.
  6. Doing some (carefully triple checked) calculations leads me to: at an input Voltage of 25V @10Amps after recifying (times1.4) gets me 35V as the active rectifier has a very low Voltage drop, each choke drops the voltage about 1V so I expect some 30V output which is exactly where I want to be, whereas the sim shows 27V or so which i cannot explain. The Capacitance affects ripple, so does the inductance, I think I'll take a raincheck on checking oscillations using PSUD2 and go with old school calculation and measure ripple with a scope.. The problem has to be user error, I ha
  7. You are absolutely right....on entering 47000uF the program changes the notation to 47mF, clear typo (I do not see the difference, dyscalculy is similar to dyslexia) Still, the output voltage should not be affected, just less ripple....simulating with 47mF gives me a V3 of 28V (26RMS), I cannot imagine that is true.
  8. may have been the transformer values, I missed to find the calculator...
  9. hmmm could be, but I probably do something else wrong too, as a resistance closer to the hammond gets me results closer to what I'd expect....aiming for 8Amps Still getting an output voltage that is way lower than what I expect...transformer resistance perhaps?
  10. At the subject of LPS designer, I'm not sure but guess I'm using it wrong, but when i setup this LPS to simulate a CLCLC filter I get crappy values making no sense...like transformer 24V>any bridge rectifier Voltage over C1 32V, voltage over C2 7 Volts, voltage over C3 2 Volts ....HUH Can someone post a working PSUDII file so I can perhaps find out what silly detail I'm missing?
  11. The thermal paste appears to have settled, core temperatures stable at around 55'C with around 40'C at the heatsink, there is a clear temp increase when the CPU gets busy but that fades away as quickly as it comes so I expect this prototype works. Both low value caps on the end of the EPS cables have broken in, now listening to some of the most detailed and organic sounding music I ever heard. Now up to to PSU, the Taiko ATX module arrived, now the wait if for bits and bobs to arrive and to pick a transformer and some chokes....I'm leaning towards a 500VA transformer an
  12. those green caps look familiar :-) What specs do these chokes have, I looked at the website but did not find anything close to what I;m looking for, are they custom?
  13. So the Taiko ATX arrived (took long enough), and I happen to have some linear 19V PSU lying around that served my NUC...probably best first find out how many VA that LPSU is capable of as most NUCs require only little DC grunt.
  14. I'd listen to it straight away, and make a comparison now AND later ;-) It's too good to miss out on it until it reaches it's full potential IMO.
  15. I crimp my own, it's easy enough after a few rounds of testing and very cost effective against buying pre made cables.
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