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  1. did you mean Neutrik powercon for up to 32 Amps or specifically the Neutrik Speakon connectors for power? https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nac3fc-hc
  2. BTW: I'm currently using a 12 core AMD, and it transformed the sound in a way I did NOT expect. Sure, the change from 4 to 8 core was clearly an improvement but here I needed to turn the volume down a few clicks because the impact of the music and it's (perceived?) volume increased by quite a bit. Definition is better across the freq range and the low end's resolution increased and is extremely tight. Adding a new MoBo (Aorus X570 Master) in a few days as on my current one suddenly two of the four RAM slots refused to boot with the Apacer RAM, and then I can finally adress the two
  3. Digging into custom chokes for audio you need to find a winder that knows what makes a choke sound good, my experience is that these folks are pretty rare so I'd take @Superdad up on that offer! @Exocer ; do you plan to try the circuit without a circuit board? My experience with building a.o. a Le Monstre Amp (think high currents, low power output) is that hard wired sounds better, even when using double thickness circuit boards.
  4. the only issue I can think of is when the SFP is incompatible with the router, or that you are crossfeeding the fiber channel. I struggled a bit when connecting my Zyxel router, swapping the fiber channels at one end and firing up the switch again did the trick. 12V..hmmm that voltage I do not have lying around...
  5. Nice idea ! What power do you need to feed the Solarflare? I happen to have a nice 5V linear PSU lying around.....
  6. A year or two ago I had the fortune to hear Mahler 8 (Jaap van Zweden conducting the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and couple of Choirs), and while you're able to zoom in and zoom out on individual sections there IMO is no way you'll be able to isolate instruments not doing a solo section but for the larger and louder instruments. I can say that I had a blast!
  7. I read the specs for the Solarflare forwards and backwards its, saying it uses 7 Watts, it amazes me how much heat can be generated by 7 Watts....
  8. If it is anything like the Solarflare card I'm using getting HOT is normal, hey what do you expect ...it uses a laser ;-)
  9. basically, a PCIe riser card like this one should work, allowing external Power: https://www.amazon.nl/ADT-Link-Gen3-0-sleutel-Pci-Express-verlenging/dp/B07Z4RCDKZ
  10. Is it feasible to hack a PCIe to NVME adaptor to accept external power? Barring upgrading elements on an NVME SSD that might be a doable upgrade, just thinking out loud..
  11. DIY-ing is easy enough, you need a good (!) crimping tool for the molex pins and play a bit around to make the crimping work as needed. I ended up making mine as the Ghent cable I ordered did not fit the PSU I'm using (all cables are connected straight but my PSU has 180"rotated connectors), takes about an hour to make both cables if it's a straight connection.)
  12. 118 seems expensive, I've seen rj45 to fiber convertors for as little as 30 euro or so https://www.coolblue.nl/product/832973/tp-link-gigabit-ethernet-media-converter-mc220l.html?cmt=c_a%2Ccid_8856327779%2Caid_94778487488%2Ctid_pla-306287356520%2Cgn_g%2Cd_c&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiqWHBhD2ARIsAPCDzalLkyjtHAPOuf3ODDeqPeW0IMj3zVTKQgVCOTYJZRJikMOzvVNaHeAaArNmEALw_wcB
  13. I just upgraded the CPU from an octacore to a twelve core and once more I am baffled with the improvement in SQ more processing power brings...it has been reported previously so it's not a major surprise, but still... The previous CPU load in Daphile was 0.X %, so negligable, it is now in the same range. At the same time I notice that the Solarflare card runs cooler, almost as if the CPU takes on more work the Solarflare now does not need to do?
  14. John, did you ever get your hearing checked out? From the sound of it you might just benefit from a maneuver that clears your inner ear from debris.
  15. Pink Faun may not work well with Intel, do check before buying....other than that and without having auditioned both options: I am in favor of less is more so so would be inclined to go with the second option IF you have a good linear PSU for the PF card!
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