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  1. good old sic-safco used to make some great capacitors, I used quite a few in my Le Monstre amp build decades ago (1.5F capacitor bank at 12V-0-12V). Generally it's recommendable to parallel more small caps than a few whopping large ones. Low ESR and noise current at your target voltage and high current capability are key, there probably are a few members here who can compare with other current caps.
  2. aha, the top cap fell of the picture ;-) Nice Graphite anodes! I'm into mesh tubes lately, with a monster build around a PL519 in G2 Triode ongoing for quite a while now.. 400H chokes etc...should be finished when the other monster project is done, my Trionor front loaded open baffle speakers,
  3. @Dev Nice tube amp, 211 SET?
  4. but, but....you surely use either USB or I2S or SPDIF or something to feed your DAC the digital signal coming out of your MB?
  5. @StreamFidelity just to be clear, are you feeidng the USB or I2S output separately or through the MB?
  6. I anticipate that a good old linear front will be needed to make that Taiko DC DC shine. I passed, I could not justify it to myself shelling out this sort of money unseen/unheard...
  7. In my experience the ATX supply is less important for SQ than the EPS 12V supply to the CPU, perhaps trying the HDPLex on the ATX and the Taikoo on the 12V could be a useful test to undertake?
  8. My current favorite is nano tape, somehow it does dampen vibrations AND it does not stick like crazy and leaves no residue!
  9. heck why use Tidal, an MP3 gets you the same words
  10. I saw and will stay silent. wondering if you read anything in this thread and what you are listening to.
  11. @Gurkel I somehow believe we are miscommunicating here, the purpose of this thread is not to lowest grade CPU that can run something but finding the system that offers the best sound quality.
  12. Just build it, listen to it and be happy...or open your mind and listen to more options and THEN make up your mind which route to go for best Sound Quality. It's not that this bunch of folks likes to invest in hardware just for fun. I don't need a high power CPU for my system at all, yet a fact is that my music sounds much better when it's processed that way. to use a car analogy, a good 4.2L V8 with 350 or so HP accelerates a lot different than a biturbo car with 350 HP...there is no substitute for cubic inches except more cubic inches
  13. please invest in some listening time rather than theorizing more. Or better, do the experiment and let us know what you find; compare that minimalistic computer with a dedicated server/audio PC... BTW what components is your chain made of?
  14. I think the background is similar to having a power amp with excess power....when do you need the last few Watts if you're listening to the first few mW most of the time. The comparison is not 1:1, especially not for class A amps but still. Going from a NUC to a Ryzen 3 was quite a jump in SQ, the 5 was another jump, stepping up to the 7 was another improvement....I don't think the Ryzen 3 was overwhelmed running red book without any upsampling etc in Daphile.
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