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  1. Most of not all modern motherboards have NVME slots, but there are PCIe to NVME adapters, main benefit of NVME over SATA is direct access. On that NVME SSD you could store music or OS, or both.
  2. a Sata SSD using a linear PSU sounds better than internally powered sata SSD, an NVME SSD sounds better than the SATA SSD on an LPSU but for the NVME SSD to use external linear power it requires a jumper cable/adapter to allow external linear power. The femto NVME SSD has external power input (there is a separate thread for it) and sounds best even without external linear power but even better using linear power.
  3. non SATA SSD performs much better indeed, separate linear power supply to an NVME SSD does so much better, with the femto SSD at the top
  4. Fuses definitily make a difference, the best souding one is no fuse ;-) My CLCLC PSU is waiting for the transformer and one MLytic, if only the transformer had already been delivered I'd swap in the Mundorf later. When we compared my prototype against a supposedly great Vinylplayer with a sophisticated arm and a new type of cartridge, through the same amp and speakers that latter sounded as if something was broken... so I can only hold my breath for the V3 PSU....3-4 weeks more waiting,
  5. Thanks Nenon! I found that the heatsink itself seemed to 'quiver' and measuring I found a ground potential of like 5V, mind you, my MB and Heatsink sit on insulating wood, and most cases likely have a connection between heatsink and MB mounting points with ground connection.(just throught of that). Sounds slightly more relaxed when grounded.
  6. On the subject of grounding, do you connect the heatsink to the ground of the MB/PSU (EPS)?
  7. hahaha, turns out I was listening to a Tedeska silver coil MC, thinking it was made by an enthusiast DIYer.... turns out it is among the best of best...now I am sure I want to do a head to head someday :-)
  8. We had a BLAST, and a beer... Heard some very special stuff, best mono Vinyl I ever heard (mono is special anyway), handmade cartridge....a new tube phono stage using a new principle, folks with crazy builds....the lunatics had truly taken over the asylum, the venue used to be a 'recuperation home' for the upper echelons in the former DDR
  9. The horns actually sounded better after we tuned in their placement in the room, and removed the slant plates. Despite everything Vinyl made them sound as if something was broken, those present that dared admit it (which was like 40 out 50 present, I was the newbie as some hardliners are a bit dogmatic) were baffled to hear digital at this level and told me they favored the server by far. Several attendees asked if could not build a server for them, I'm not interested but took that as the highest praise in that tempel of Vinyl. I heard a stunning mono element and a phono stage using a new tube amp principle that when combined probably could have given the server a run for its money....that will happen next time, and then the PSU should help. It was a big surprise to me that the overtones and 'colors' of instruments etc are represented better at home, my conclusion is that difference in approach in the Euronor Junior with the two 15inch woofers used until 500Hz and the horn doing the rest versus my approach using fullrange speakers with a tweeter @7-8K makes a big difference.
  10. Just came back from Berlin Audio Meet where my protype met some old speakers using a 1.5W Tube amp and reaching realistic sound levels 😎.
  11. Just came back from the Berlin Audio Meet, where my prototype met these beauties
  12. Viborg, pure copper https://www.audiophonics.fr/fr/fiches-secteur-connecteurs-iec/viborg-vi-06bc-embase-iec-c14-cuivre-pur-red-copper-o6mm-p-12745.html
  13. Let me just say that after a night of playing the sound blew me away tis morning, CPU temp with high res streaming (24bit) is already below 50'C. I am struggling with my i2S interlink though, does anyone know an RJ 45 connector for high end? (I have the telegartners but those do not work well enough for soldering on my own proprietary wires, or rather to keep everything in place) Had to battle high volume noise this morning, troubleshooting the attanuator and DAC lead me to the I2S interlink, and it yet again failed...with almost no movement, I left the gear playing last night.
  14. Second impression is that the low end is tighter cleaner and has more push, a combination that is not common as more push usually means more smearing. CPU temp rate of rise is about half of what it was and appears to end slightly lower but the thermal paste needs to settle first. Last time around the thermal paste took 3 4 days to settle and the CPU temp dropped a few degrees during the process,
  15. In lieu of getting delivery of the PSU parts I ordered a copper plate to test fly if I can stabilize the CPU temperatures a bit further. The block now acts as clamp to heep the heat pipe adapter fixed tight to the CPU and it buffers heat. Start up temperature increase is significantly slower, we'll see what it does bit an initial sound impression is that everything sounds a bit cleaner and tighter.
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