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  1. Hi @David Craff Related to the questions about playlists I mentioned some time ago that I would like to see the same view options in playlist on the mobile apps as on the MacOS app. On my Mac I can use in playlists the album view and that way it is very easy to navigate to a certain album in the playlist. On the mobile apps there is only one view of all the tracks (sequentially by album). Are there any plans to bring the same functionality of the Mac app to the mobile apps? Cheers
  2. Thanks @David Craff. I think this will help mobile users a lot. Screen size is limited on mobile devices and a simplified view of the playlist content makes life a lot easier (and it's already implemented on the Mac platform).
  3. Thanks @bobbmd This is a screenshot from the Mac app. I selected a playlist and it shows only the albums, not the whole list of tracks that are in the playlist. On your iPad the playlist looks like this? Strange. I cannot find a way to change the playlist view on the iPad, I only get the whole list of tracks of the playlists.
  4. Looking for some hints about Qobuz I stumbled upon this forum and thread. One thing that I miss on the Qobuz iPad app is an album view in the playlists. The Mac app has 3 views in the playlists. Are there any plans to include these views in the iPad app as well?
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