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  1. I haven't heard any Linn product so far, but I liked the company until I found their blog. I just can't take them seriously after reading this one: https://www.linn.co.uk/blog/dac-or-network-music-player-which-is-best-for-home-audio ...so you shouldn't buy a high-end DAC because digital streamers don't exist and most DACs are cheap. Sure.
  2. Hearing a concert at this venue is one of the things I want to do right after the pandemic. But hey, our soundstages may not sound exactly like a real stage, but at least we always get the best seat! 😀 When audiophiles treat a live performance as an ideal that should be matched, it is often ignored, apart from the imperfect reproduction described in the article, that many halls don't have perfect acoustics. In this case, with microphones close to the performers, it can actually sound better on the record than it did for the audience during the performance.
  3. Then again, sound engineers usually don't aim for "perfect" sound on their system, but try to find a compromise that sounds okay on most systems of their target audience. And the systems they choose to help them do the job don't necessarily produce what we would call a good sound. So many recordings sound better on a high end home system (in a room with suitable) than in the studio - especially if they used Yamaha NS-10 monitors.
  4. Hi @JoshM Thanks for this very informative review. Did you compare the Solaris' own USB against SPDIF/AES via the Matrix or Mutec converter? Some people seem to hate the internal USB implementation while others actually prefer it over the other inputs. So I'm curious what your impression is.
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