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  1. ciao, L/C...It appears that the query problem is, thus far, unique to me. Michael was kind enough to resolve the issue of increasing the number of favorites in LMS 8. This "work around" solves my problem, since Qobuz is my single source of music. I have no local files. If someone else encounters this problem I'll gladly jump back in and try to help sort it out. I'm about to purchase an Aurelic Altair G1 and move to their Lightning DS app. Interestingly, Audirvana on my iMac works flawlessly, as does the Qobuz desktop app. For the moment, I'm cool. Thank you again for your kindness.
  2. ciao, L/C...the answer to your question is yes....................sort of. The Qobuz plug-in still acts erratically. So I'm no longer using it. Now that LMS 8 imports all of my Qobuz Favorites natively(and plays back flawlessly) under Material Skin I'm good. The only thing I miss is that the Qobuz plug-in shows which albums are hires. Not a big deal. So, I'm happy to now use the LMS solution(sans plug-in). There's an obvious problem somewhere with the Qobuz plugin, or me, or Qobuz. If I rapidly change album selections in the Qobuz plug-in, after the tenth query, it goes way off. I'm a simple g
  3. L/C thank you for the help. The favorites grid I am referring to comes from Qobuz. It's what has worked for me for years with LMS. I had already posted this in the slim forum. Hopefully, this will be solved. It's interesting that it only happens when selecting an album at the bottom of the grid...older favorites by a few years. Given the tragedies occurring on a daily basis in our world, this problem ranks pretty low.
  4. Ciao from Italy...not sure if this a Qobuz problem or an LMS/Material problem. Often when I choose an album from favorites, an incorrect album (always close by on the grid will play). This doesn't happen at the top of the grid, rather closer to the bottom(732 favorites). I have encountered this problem also on iPeng. I don't see a possibility to re-sync with Qobuz...or even if this is a fix. There is a different problem of duplications on Audirvana desktop. Not sure if these issues are connected. I've tried deleting LMS and reinstalling. The problem remains. Any suggestions would be appreciate
  5. I have the exact same problem casting from iPhone via Qobuz iOS app to ordinary chromecast(not CCA)...small problem relative to what’s happening in the world. But frustrating nonetheless.
  6. ciao from Sicilia...My home is in the north(near Genova) but circumstances have me now in the south. We are in lockdown approaching one month. Living by myself, it can get very lonely. I listen to Qobuz throughout the day. I’ve got a chrome cast plugged into a crappy old tv. It’s made me appreciate the music. I’ve been a lifelong hifi geek and listening through this setup was a bit of a disappointment at first. The longer this human tragedy drags on, the less I miss my listening room at home. I/we in this small audiophile community are fortunate to be safe and, so far, healthy. Life here is to
  7. I am seeing many duplicate albums when browsing Qobuz FAVORITES. Each time I open Favorites…the duplicated albums change. I have uninstalled the Audirvana app, reinstalled/signed in and out of Qobuz/restarted the app/restarted my iMac/deleted the sqlite file from Library/ecc. ecc. In other words, I’ve tried everything. I have the same problem using the Qobuz plugin in LMS. The Qobuz desktop app does not have this problem, nor does the Qobuz web player. This problem started when the 500 favorites limit was finally raised to show beyond 500 albums. Any ideas?
  8. To add to the duplication problems, now when selecting an album...another album is played. This issue seems to be isolated but easily replicated. I've flushed the caches on everything, deleted and re-installed each app. The problems persist. Any ideas?
  9. I've noticed a duplication problem across all of my applications (Qobuz desktop-iMac/Audirvana 3.5/iPeng/ LMS w/Material Skin plugin). The duplicate albums are not consistent from one app to the next and upon re-start they change again. The fact that they differ from one app to the next seems to point to a problem at the source(Qobuz). Has anyone else experienced this? Co-incidentally, this problem first appeared after the 500 favorite limit was fixed.
  10. Just updated to Qobuz plugin v1.531and all 657 favorites now appear. As always, thanks to Michael Herger.
  11. ragazzi...Michael Herger had a look at my server logs and spotted a problem in the qobuz plugin...I'm not code literate but he immediately identified a glitch and will repair it. Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to help.
  12. ciao, Cebolla & Jacobacci Qobuz app(desktop & ios) and Audirvana display all 672 favorites. LMS w/Qobuz plugin and iPeng show only 489. Michael Herger is now on the case. I've sent him(hopefully) the appropriate logs. Let's see what up. Fingers crossed and thank you to everyone for your help.
  13. jacobacci, grazie. I'm on LMS 7.9.2 and Qobuz plugin 1.530. I've even deleted and re-installed both LMS and the plugin. Still stuck at 489 favorites. It's a mystery. Audirvana is showing all. Perhaps there is something in the LMS settings that I've missed. I'm an old hand at this and still cannot seem to make this work. Ringrazie.
  14. ciao, jacobacci I am on LMS 1.530...still limited to 500...even tried updating, re-starting. Grazie.
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