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  1. One-to-one comparisons with Linn Klimax Katalyst, internal Hegel H590 DAC and Chord Qutest - and the PD did beat them imho. Further experience with the Mola Mola Tambaqui but not having compared with the PD (and I honestly think it will be very tough competition for the PD). I certainly don’t say that the PD is the best of all DACs, but I do believe it is hard to beat its price/quality ratio..
  2. People that are not familiar with ECd (large numbers - the whole world except us in the fora I would say 😉) and are curious (small numbers) will look for reviews and find none. Terminator DACs have been reviewed everywhere. But that’s the paradox with ECd: we want people to experience the DAC’s quality and try to convince them, but one the other hand, isn’t that the charm of being one of the happy few that can enjoy the ‘aurora borealis’ of sound (although the PD is not the one that beats ‘em all’)? Convincing can only be done by offering a one-on-one demo preferable in their personal setup. A
  3. You mean the Denafrips I suppose? Thanks for sharing!
  4. Will be Rpi incl. HifiBerry HAT (digi2 pro edition), Lindemann Limetree Bridge 2
  5. As always, the complete setup/chain is responsible for your end result. I.e. my Hegel H590 is fast as water and my speakers are of that kind that can keep up with this pace. Also they happen to be quite bass heavy (typical paper cones that are used) and tango really great with the characteristics of the PD.
  6. Only if it has been recorded in minimal 24/192 and played back via the PowerDAC!
  7. Thats what I am experiencing: my reference track for assessing fast/ defined bass is Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (I presume you will use different tracks ;-D). PRaT is unparalleled imo. Anyways, let's give it a try in the coming listening session!
  8. I must say, having used the PowerDAC for over a week now, the lower registers seem to be more present and better outlined in comparison with the DA96. Your claim regarding electronic noise seem to fit with the "source immunity" claim made by ECdesigns. Can other people relate to this..?
  9. Since I have sold my ECD stuff couple of weeks ago, I am refreshing the ECD website every 5 seconds looking for updates 😎.
  10. Anyone interested in my da96etf / upl96etl/ u192etl? Send me a dm 👍🏻
  11. ECDesigns is aiming end of May for having their website updated and ready to deliver the first batch of PowerDACs. As already said, price point will be approx. 1100-1200 eur. 💪🏻
  12. Darn! I was hoping the SQ improvement was not more than slightly and the need to upgrade would be less acute.. Let’s plan Xmas a bit earlier this year :-)
  13. The thing I am personally waiting for is an extensive review by a well respected hifi website including measurements and the whole she-bang.. Somehow ECDesigns is not keen on having their ‘magic’ reviewed. I asked Christiaan Punter (Dutch ex-enthusiast for ECDesigns (https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/ec-designs-mosaic-t-dac/) to review my gear but the relationship with the bros. Brown has cooled down for some reason, so no more interest from Christiaan. It seems like there’s ‘an elephant in the room’ with the Brown brothers and the review sit
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