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  1. Hi, Yes, the CD front label is marked with HDCD. How ever I have tried to rip the CD with DBPoweramp also. The CD does not pass the Accurate check. It seems that DBPowerAmp does neither detect the disc as a HDCD disk. I guess that's the reason why the sound is distorted during playback of the CD on the computer. ( The computer does not detect the CD as a HDCD disc and therefore all songs on the cd sounds distorted, while my CD player in my stereo system detect the CD as a HDCD cd and plays the entire cd correctly without distortion ). from DBPoweramp log: Tried to rip
  2. Thanks for replies. I have not tried DBPowerAmp yet. How ever it seems to me in that the hardware/software in my laptop will not detect this specific CD, (Neil Young - Silver & Gold), as a HDCD disc. It is a little bit strange since I have successfully ripped other HDCD discs to FLAC files with the same equipment and software, (for instance Neil Young's album Prairie Wind). For the moment I will keep this CD in my collection for playback via the CD player in my stereo system instead :) I guess I could use DBPoweramp to tell me if the CD is recognised as a HDCD cd? (but if the proble
  3. Hi, I am in the process of ripping my cd’s using Windows Media player, version 12 on a laptop with Windows 10. I have some CD’s which are decoded in HDCD format, for instance Neil Young’s album Silver & Gold. When I try to playback this CD on the computer with WMP, it sounds scrambled/distorted. It sounds good on the CD player in my home stereo system. I have read that Windows media Player support HDCD cd’s and a HDCD symbol should lit up in the player to indicate HDCD media. That does not happen. The result is that both playback of audio cd and ripped cd in FLAC or Wav format have di
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