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  1. Hi fi enthusiastic and with every year I have to be at main thing about the listing and because in Serbia listening mmusic is equal to go ride car.wery low stadium culture of listening try to imagine the production of same.i am D.P. Praha FAMu university student and because of my life and kid start to learning more about teh.i just made desctop with procesor ,8gram,and power supply 500w .two separate ssd one for system and second for storage.Accuphase e203 amp,Revox Atrium B mk2 speakers and B&W602 s1 and DAC SMSL sanscrit 10th gen.of course 2 fiio q1 and q1mark2 dac headphon amp and iem tin T2 and blon 03 inear headphones.now i looking for DAC 250e with balance output and preamp. If is possible.thank you

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