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  1. So most of your lament with the system is while using their UI. Why? Just use Spotify Connect, or Tidal Connect, or if it's a Roon device -- what's the problem exactly? It seems this is a wonderful sounding DAC and places Bryston in the high end category it's usually placed in.
  2. But it doesn't have things like Spotify Connect, and I need to use Roon to control it across devices, yes?
  3. A500 is a revolution, a revelation. But it's hard to trust a reviewer that says Apple Music user experience is stellar. Use Spotify and come back to compare. Apple missed the boat on this one. Sure it's better than Tidal, which is just frustrating on a mobile, but it's way way way behind all the easy functionality that Spotify offers for music aficionados. Anyway thanks for the review. Comparing this to Kii Three etc was not very clever.
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