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  1. I'm in mourning - on the SAME DAY my OPTO DX premium cables AND second pair of Oyaide BNC cables arrived, and just 2 days before my ldovr 3A regulator arrives, my power amp's left channel decided to fail (the right channel is sounding great, though 🙈). I will get it off for repair on Monday, and will have to exercise patience, like @LowOrbit... I do have a question you all may be able to help me with, though: if I were to use two ultraCaps in 'series' per rail, I believe I could add the potential differences together and get either 14V (7+7) or 16V (7+9) out of them. N
  2. I'm not the most patient either, but It'll be worth the wait, @LowOrbit! Try and enjoy what you have in the meantime.
  3. Thanks for your message @Fourlegs, thats very cool to have the first ever production unit! Its so interesting to hear just how many people have been down this path before me, I learn so much every time I am on this forum. Fortunately given my paranoia about the sensitivity of DAVE I used shielded cabling in there and the Blu from the get-go, so at least that's one thing I got right first time. I had a different calculation with the Blu Mk II - I haven't played CDs for many years, and felt that it'd be better to swap for a MScalar but was advised that the sec
  4. Thanks @kennyb123, If you are going to get a DAVE and are prepared to accept the potential consequences of opening it up, then I can only recommend the DAVE DC conversion as a 'must-do'. Would love to hear why you no longer use HMS? Do you use HQPlayer?
  5. Thanks @ray-dude I'd be fascinated to know what you think if you try an ultracap. You have me very intrigued by the ldovr now. I wish he'd hurry up & ship it...
  6. I reported my surprise at the magnitude of the performance step up when I converted the DAVE to DC power using two Uptone JS2s in a previous post. In summary for new readers I’m on a mission to get good quality, low noise DC power to the DAVE and latterly Blu Mk II. These Chord devices both frustrate and impress me. Its frustrating as its so sensitive to RF noise, but impressive because the new levels of performance that are attained with each improvement surprise me every time. Chord have me conditioned now such that every time I make a power / signal quality improvement, the DAVE
  7. @asdf1000 I'm coming at it from trying to tame the RF sensitivity of the DAVE and Blu Mk II - I definitely feel like I'm on the front foot of the battle at the moment. I'll take my lucky shot! I feel it did help me, but I will be sure to be mindful in future. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and your advice, its much appreciated.
  8. @asdf1000 Thank you very much, I will read that. For clarity; I earthed the grounds, not the signal lines (apologies for my sloppy language).
  9. Interesting thanks - do you know what the issue might be? It seemed like a logical thing to do to me.
  10. @ray-dude Fantastic, thanks for letting me / us know - I'm looking forward to setting aside the time to read it ;) Don't forget to let everyone know that other LPS' are available... Quick update from my end; I have just got round to earthing all the unused inputs on my DAVE (couple of BNC's, XLR and USB) and Blu Mk II and was pleased with the improvement / effort ratio - further reduces the RF noise, a 'calmer' listen. Should have done it long ago. You guys have probably done it already, but I mention it 'just in case'. Over the next few days / week I'll be
  11. Yeah... Rob's Head-fi post indicates that not a great deal of thought went into the SMPS (no A/B testing, @skatbelt😱 ) despite all the downstream work he describes. To paraphrase @kennyb123, best to combine the world-class elements that each of these leading individuals bring to the table and 'tune out' other elements based on our own experiences and preferences. Though it would have been nice to have an external DC input, as with HMS, to allow for experimentation without voiding the warranty... 🧐
  12. This Head-fi post is Rob Watts on the medical SMPS, whats important in a PSU for his DACs and the further conditioning measures he uses in the DAVE, post PSU. " Would using a better SMPS give better SQ? Maybe, but the evidence suggests no. " I read that piece before deciding to give the JS-2s a go, and you know my conclusion: 😳. ;)
  13. Hang on...what about the cruelty of depriving ME of listening to my upgraded DAVE?! It is just one that Chord has bought in (see photo), and I'd imagine @JohnSwenson has more pressing matters to attend to. But I'd be happy to send it if it would be of use to him.
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