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  1. I'm looking for advice on where to head in my streaming journey. I have an Uptone etheregen from my router feeding ethernet into SoTM SMS-200 Ultra powered by a SPS-500 psu. The streamer happens to have a 50 ohm external clock input, but I don't have an external clock. What's a practical, reasonable upgrade to my streaming chain? Or is it time to replace it? I'm looking to increase soundstage width without loosing the filigreed detail I get from the SMS-200 ultra. I'm considering adding a Tx-usbultra to the chain. I guess a SCLK-OCX 10 clock would be a much bigger upgrade (much bigger cost
  2. Hi I suddenly cannot get my sms-200 ultra neo to connect with my network. Unit powers on, but the LED in the front just stays solid on - not flickering any more - and I can't access eunhasu on PC. I tried pressing the reset button. I tried reflashing ver. 4.91 firmware on microSD. Is there a trick to the order of actions? I assume power off, plug in new sd card, power on, plug in ethernet? Is there a magic word? I hope I am missing something simple. Any tips for a neophyte? I feel like I am missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.
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