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  1. I finally pieced together the issue, and while I feel fairly stupid, I can't find any documentation on it even after the fact... so in case anyone else runs in to this problem (or Audio_Allo if you might consider updating your documentation): - The Volt+ has a red LED and a green LED, but there are also 2 red LEDs on the miniBOSS and one (yellow? hard to tell as I'm colorblind) LED on the PiZero. I only ever saw documentation about 2 LEDs, so I assumed the ones on my Volt+ board were the only ones I needed to worry about. - The miniBOSS Player Plus claims to be plug and
  2. Also having the same problem. Just got my MiniBoss Player Plus and can't see the wifi hotspot no matter what I try. I've tried reflashing Volumio twice now, and I've scanned for it on my Android phone as well as my PC. Also tried to access it using the Volumio app from my phone and installing Bonjour on my PC just in case. As others have mentioned, I have the solid green and red lights on, have waited several hours, and have obviously rebooted a few times now. I assume there's a good reason the solution hasn't been posted directly in this thread, but it's kind of frustrating...
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