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  1. I went ahead and ordered the components I mentioned. The dac is on it's way from Benchmark but the Genelec will take to mid December to arrive. I think starting with a stereo system is good advice. The sound will be a little compromised due to speaker distance from wall (not optimal distance). Nevertheless I'm sure I will be delighted.
  2. Thanks for all the super good and cool advice. I feel like I'm pointed in the right direction.
  3. I've wanted a nice PC stereo setup for awhile but I'm so busy with life plus don't have any local sources that I know of to query or be able to listen to any setups and components. I've been looking online at the Benchmark DAC 3 HGC with Genelac 8030C 5 inch near-field powered speakers. The question is am I making a mistake with a 2 channel setup or should I think about an integrated amp/dac setup? Or different components? I'm a casual music listener and a novice. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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