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  1. have you ever heard a ECD product? once you do listen to one of his design, at the bare minimum you will understand that they are legit in term of SQ
  2. I dont agree personally, I let my headphone connected at all time to my headphone amp. its not like I will unplug my headphone 10 times a day. headphone jack are extremely sturdy. never actually heard of one failing in high end gear. and if it eventually fail, chaging the jack is stupid easy for anyone. now using a rca to headphone adapter goes against what ECD are praising (getting away from any interconnects...) The fact the Powerdac headphone only offer one set of outputs and no headphone jack is a bad joke to me. Focal Arche is a perfect example on how a DAC-he
  3. I doubt he'll listen but right? makes no sense to have a the powerdac headphone and not simply get a headphone in and outputs for speaker amps. makes no sense
  4. kinda dissapointed that for headphone use we will have to use a separate cable directly from the RCA that also make it impossible to use the headphone powerdac as both a source for speaker amps and headphone as Id have to disconnect the headphone cable every time probably a deal braker for me ill simply get a DA96ETF
  5. from what i understand, there will be two dac on offer. a speaker power dac and a headphone power dac. The headphone powerdac will also have fixed or variable output so can be used also to feed a speaker amp or in @mevdinc case feed his active ATC buying the speaker powerdac with active ATC would be a serious lost of money
  6. the powerdac cannot be used with active speakers....
  7. there was the Equilibrium amps, Circlotron amps, ect. John talks about the Equilibrium here: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/79452-building-ultimate-nos-dac-using-tda1541a-573.html
  8. Anyone in the US-Canada have a EC designs Power amp from previous generation to sell? pm me
  9. I suspect the small usb to toslink that ECD will offer will be very similar to their previous Utos product. so it will be: Utos- powerdac headphone- Focal Utopia-bliss cant wait
  10. ive been buying ECD dac since the sd player sd-1 back in 2015? they claimed the same thing then that they do today "we have finally acheived the pinnacle and our search is over"...the powerdac will be yet another step in ECD developments. after reading john's post at diyaudio, it seems that the DAPI doesnt replace the need for the U192ETL. so the chain will be U192ETL into Powerdac into headphones/speakers. oh well!
  11. yeah, ASR is a joke. probably paid by topping actually From what I understand, ECD will offer a headphone Power DAC and a speaker Power DAC
  12. did you compare the Fractal vs the Dave or Adagio? if so, please share Personally, I cannot wait for the Headphone Power DAC: the added bonus is that it will also feature rca outputs so can also be use a DAC to power your speaker amp as well as being the DAC-Amp for our headphones
  13. its normal I have the MOS16 and Mosaic T and both output are much less high then my other dacs
  14. I also know ec designs are planning to release two Powerdac. one for headphone and one for speakers. I'll be buying a powerdac for my headphone without even thinking no matter the price. the headphone powerdac can also be used as a dac to plug into a speaker amp. My speaker system need EQ to tame the bass and so the powerdac for speakers would not work with my room configuration
  15. agreed EC designs is a bargain as always. competing with systems much much much more expensive. Kinda dissapointed that they removed their head amp. but i dunno, did I even said that the powerdac will be overpriced? Ive only said that it will be much pricier then the current lineup and that for probably many, it will be out of their budget. I look forward the comparison of the U192ETL vs high end sources!
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